My famous twin

Meet the Laurez twins. They do pretty much everything together. But the stopped when they turned 16. Angelina got an offer to do acting for the most famous director,Trent Martinez, while joanne continued with her normal life. Joanne was really happy for her twin until Angelina started turning her back on Joanne.How will Joanne cope with Angelina?


1. Joanne and Angelina

Hi my name is Joanne. I have got a twin sister called Angelina and together we live in a double story house.In two days it will be our birthday and we will be turning 16!Today at 2:00pm me and Angelina are going to our classmate Shiane's farewell party because she is going to England in 4 days.

The best thing about Shiane's party is that me and Angelina get to go shopping with our best friends May and Ally. May and Ally are sisters except not twins.Maygrove shopping mall was close-by to our house and our best friends lived right next door to us.How brilliant is that!

When we arrived there, the mall was crowed with people coming in and out of the shopping mall.We decided to go to all of our favourite store....Fashion News! This shop was the greatest.Whenever a new dress is made they make sure they get at least 10 copies of the dress.We hovered through the dresses.In the end i bought light blue faded jeans and a dark blue top with silver chains wrapped at the end.For shoes i chose voilet flats.Angelina bought a pink and white striped top with a purple mini-skirt and black tights. For shoes she chose indigo high heels. When we payed for our clothes,May suggested we eat at 'Light Eaters' were there is just snacks like a muffin. When it was 1:30 we agreed it was time to go back."Seeya May and Ally. Meet you at the party!" i waved to them.

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