I'll Be Your Reason to be My Love

A backstabbing bestfriend, an abusive ex-boyfriend, a secret keeping mother, could 17 year old Evie's life be any worse? She's on the verge of falling apart until she meets Harry Styles. Even though she has no idea who he is, could he be the one to save her? Through their differences, will they ever be able to fix each other?


1. You Will Meet a Tall, Dark, British Stranger


I'll Be Your Reason to be My Love

Chapter One:

You Will Meet a Tall Dark British Stranger

February 14th, 2011

Today has got to be absolutely, irrevocably the worst day of my entire existence. Not only is it singles awareness day (also known as a little thing called Valentine’s Day), but it’s a Sunday. And in my opinion, Sunday’s are sort of obligated to be the worst day of the week. Is it the irritable quality of people creating avoidance to the true worst day of the week, Monday? Who knows. After a moment of self-wallowing in taking in the fact that it’s Sunday, I look over to my nightstand. The clock reads in bright red numbers that’s almost blinding, 4:15. Why am I at home when it’s a regular gloomy day in London? I roll over in my bed and decide to emerge from the dead. From glancing at my little nightstand I can’t help but notice the picture of me and my boyfriend in front of Big Ben. Ugh.

All right, now I know all of you are probably like ‘why is she groaning about single awareness day when she has a boyfriend?!’ Well, maybe I should’ve started with the beginning of my day.



Derek, my boyfriend, came knocking at my door at bloody nine o’clock in the morning, exclaiming that he wanted to take me to the new grand opening of some fancy restaurant I didn’t bother enough to remember the name of. My mother, being a hopeless romantic ever since my father divorced her, urged me to go. I gave in to her tired, hazel eyes and galloped out the door.

Breakfast went swimmingly well, I thought. I ordered my favourite: blueberry pancakes with a chocolate milkshake.

Right in the middle of me taking a gigantic bite out of my triple stacked breakfast, Derek took my hand. This kind of forced me indirectly to put the fork down and look up at him. “Yes?” I asked my mouth full of syrupy goodness.

“We need to talk,” he said taking in a deep breath, still not letting go of my hand.

I figured it had to be something important, since you know; I had to stop stuffing my face. “Oh, okay.” I decided to take a polite approach towards it since he was the one who brought me to this heavenly place. “What’s on your mind?” I flashed a tiny smile, trying to show a spark of interest in his words. We’ve been together so long that he knows better not to interrupt my food time.

“I think we should stop seeing each other.” He finally let go of my hands.

I laughed a little. “You know that’s for April fools not Valentine’s day, ya silly.” I picked up my fork again in my joking tone. I punctured the pancakes and put the fork to my mouth when Derek stopped me yet again. God, he was getting on my nerves now.

“No, I’m, I’m serious, Evie.” At this, I raised my head to look him straight in his deep brown eyes that always stinted a sparkle when stared into. But it seemed as if they were hazed over, since all I saw this time when I looked into them was a black nothingness. Yep, he was definitely and completely truthful. My eyes widened at this realization.

“What?” My voiced dropped two tones as I gulped down my last mouthful of pancakes. I suddenly lost my appetite as it was replaced by huge butterflies in my stomach. “Why?”

“I need my distance, it seems as if I think about you too often and I can’t focus on anything else…but I don’t even see how that is since you never seem to listen to a bloody thing I say anymore…and you’ve become rather boring . . . ” he trailed off. What was this nonsense that he was speaking?!

“What are you talking about; I listen to you all the time!” If anything, he’s the one that doesn’t listen to me.

“Really, Evie? When’s my dad’s birthday?”

Oh, please. He’s going to interrogate me? Can’t even enjoy the rest of my breakfast.

“I don’t know, Derek when’s mine’s?” Ha, give it back to him.

“You haven’t talked to him in 12 years much less acknowledge the day he was born,” he threw at me, quite know it all like. “It’s tomorrow, Evie. How can I be in a relationship with you for so long when you don’t even know things like that?” He looked at me with those deep brown eyes again and looked hurt.

“What kind of man animal breaks up with a girl on Valentine’s day?” I shot at him throwing my napkin up from my lap to the table whilst grabbing my purse while running out of the joint. Good thing for me it was pouring outside.


I could hear Derek screaming behind me asking if I was going to pay for that. What a dou—duffel bag. ..I seriously cannot swear for my life. As if!

I noted that he was my ride home so it’s either walk a million blocks home or take the bus. Well, since I don’t know my way home from this dingy place, the bus it is.

Terrific thing that the next bus is in a half hour, it’s pouring outside and that there’s someone else sitting under the bus bench already. Thanks to my social awkwardness I kind of don’t want to sit next to her. But this rain is freezing—curse my body temperature. As I make my way over to the bench, I notice that my terrible eyesight has failed me the person sitting there already is in fact an adolescent teenage boy. His pushover of a mane of what he calls hair is completely wild and not at all matted by the wet weather. Whereas, my light brown hair has turned black and stick straight as if I just stepped out of the shower. Ugh, just what I need.

I take a seat next to him, as society doesn’t pay much for lousy benches to have them sized to longer than bloody 6 inches, or so it seems. I stare straight ahead as raindrops fall onto the dampened old, gray road. From the corner of my peripheral vision I can see the boy staring at me dumbstruck. This isn’t awkward at all. Please don’t say anything  . . .

As if by miracle, my cellphone starts ringing. I swing my purse off my left shoulder to open it and fish for my iPhone. It’s Annabel, my best friend. Oh God. I press the green phone button and greet her.

“Hey girly! How’d the date go?” I can hear her smile through the phone widen as I sigh.

“Try absolutely horrid,” I spat out. I looked down at my shoes. My favourite heels are practically all scuffed from all the walking. I push some hair behind my ear.

“What! What the hell happened?” She’s squeaking. Due to her high pitched voice it rises even higher when she’s excited or angered or confused, or at pretty much any mood other than normal.

“He dumped me for absolutely no reason at all on Valentine’s day, no big deal,” My voice only has a hint of sarcasm in it. I don’t nearly seem as bothered as I should be, even though I absolutely adore…well did adore Derek.

I realized I said this loudly when a complete stranger was next to me. A little bit of my shyness takes over me and I blush.

“He’s such an—”

“Yeah, yeah, Bells I know I gotta go. I’ll talk to you later, bye.” I hang up hastily. That was a bit harsh but we’ve been friends for eight years I’m sure she’ll understand. Besides, I kind of just want to be in my own silence at the moment and catch up on a few winks. I lean back in this rather uncomfortable bench chair and shut my eyes for what seems like a moment.

I gain my consciousness with my eyes still shut at last but feel abnormally warm and secure . . . and cushiony. I twist my head inward and to the side a bit …something soft is surrounding my head and it’s warm as well. Really warm. What? I open my eyes slightly and see a seat in front of me as well as the feeling of bumpy road underneath me. Evidently I’m on the bus. Don’t recall getting here . . . I reach up to touch my head but my hand thwarts straight into something soft but strong at the same time. What the..? I motion to move up a bit when something beneath me moves slightly. My eyes widen. Am I on a person!? I shift all the way up and turn around. My eyes widen even more as my jaw drops open. It’s the boy from the bus stop. I was sleeping on him for oh, God knows how long.

“Look who’s finally awake!” He exclaims like he’s happy to see me. Do I even know him? His hazel eyes gleam in the light.

 “Go- I am so sorry! I don’t really know what entirely happened but I never meant to—”

“I know, I felt bad and couldn’t help but overhear your conversation earlier.” This boy definitely has the deepest voice I have ever heard in my life. But not in a creepy way. It’s low with tints of kindness and tenderness in it. He grasped a handful of his untamed hair in his left hand and attempted to settle it behind his ear. After a second, it sprung up to the front of his eyes again. He looked up at it annoyingly and then bowed his head down to fluff it to the opposite side.

He noticed my urge of keeping the silence for the past couple of minutes and added, “I would’ve hated for you to miss your bus, you seemed to be having a pretty bad day as it is.”

What exactly was he on about? He doesn’t know me at all, much less care about my whereabouts on a day as sucky as this one. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion and open my mouth to say something. I stumble on my words for a second, losing my train of thought in this boy’s massive hazel eyes. “Ehm,” I exhale loudly, “you don’t even know me.”

He smiles a somewhat crooked smile and switches his gaze from me and looks straight ahead for a moment then back down at me. I realize I still have my head in his lap. A wave of embarrassment flushes over me as I lift my head slowly, trying to make circumstances as less awkward as possible. He just chuckles at my attempt.

Seeing as I’m having trouble getting up, he cups his hand under my head gently, giving me a boost. What a great story this will be to tell Annabel, how a complete stranger came to my rescue at the local bus stop.

“I’m Harry, and you are?”

I contemplate whether or not I should lie. <p><i>Stop it, Evie of course you shouldn’t . . . he' seems like a respectable guy. Sort of . . . “Evie.”</p></i>

He smiles a bit, “That’s cute.” He pauses and expects me to say something. No words are coming to mind so I pull my gaze from him to my right side and sigh. I look down and notice my purse and bend down to pick it up. Once I settle myself in my seat properly he continues on, “So now we know each other.”

A hint of a smile sparks upon my lips slightly. “That’s not what I meant.”

“Then what did you mean?” He leans closer to me but I keep my distance.

“I don’t know.” I shy away and keep staring at my feet. Maybe if I don’t say anything for a while he’ll get the hint, leave me in my silence and soon enough this bus will be in my neighbourhood.

“Then tell me why a pretty girl like you is alone at a depressing bus stop on Valentine ’s Day?” Wow, getting nosy are we. . . can’t he tell that I don’t want to be bothered? I mean, it was genuinely nice of him to even get me on this bus and do all that he’s done for me but he could have just simply woke me up. Then I wouldn’t be so associated with him and he’d just be a nice stranger you meet at the bus stop. But of course not, he had to act like my freaking prince charming.

"It’s complicated, I guess . . . ” I didn’t even want to talk about my situation to my best friend of eight years let alone confess my unhappiness to a person I’ve known less than twenty minutes.

“Well, we’ve got time seeing as this bus isn’t stopping anytime soon.” His face has been serious for the past few minutes as he studied my face and I automatically felt insecure. I must look like a complete wreck, this is fantastic.

He looks at me with soul deep green eyes and with that look I can tell exactly where this is going. And where it will go if I let it happen. But I most certainly won’t.

“Oh, please. Like you actually care. Look, it was extremely nice of you to help me as you did, since most people wouldn’t give me a second thought. And I appreciate it very much so but I would greatly love to be alone for the remainder of this bus ride.” Hopefully that didn’t come across to him as rude as it sounded.

“I do care,” he says grimacing slightly, ignoring the rest of what I said.

“And as I’ve said, that’s very thoughtful of you but I think it’d be best if I just uhm, sit somewhere else,” I say in a heap, digging for my purse, slipping my shoes back on quickly. Before I get up, I add, “Nice to meet you again.” Just as I make a beeline for seat located all the way in the back, I feel a warm hand on my bare forearm.

“If you’re going to do that, at least let me be the one to leave so I don’t feel like a total jerk.” He smirks a bit at the last word. He unbuckles his seat belt immediately and stands up awkwardly.

As he stumbles to get past me I shake my head vigorously. A wave of pity rushes through me and I look up at him. “Forget it, it’s fine. I’m the one acting like a jerk here.” He stares at me blankly for a moment and then slowly backs up towards his seat and plops himself down. “It’s just my boyfriend just broke up with me an hour ago and I’m just trying to figure out why I’m not as bummed as I should be …”

“Who would dump their girlfriend on Valentine’s Day?” Harry seemed like only some type of low life loser would do such a thing like that but I somewhat get the vibe from him that he’s most likely done it before.

But, whatever. At least he was actually pretending to take an interest in my dull life. I sigh. “I’ve never liked the holiday, personally. I think a boy should treat his girl special—”

“—Everyday, not just one day of the year where they’re given an excuse to do so.”

My eyes widen at him, shocked. Maybe Harry’s not just your average duffel bag. “Exactly!” I exclaim and I think a thing called a smile forms on my mouth for the first time today. “Part of me thinks he left me because I’ve sort of become boring, and actually I suppose I have.” As soon as the words escape my lips I know they’re true. I’m even beginning to bore myself. All I do all day is go to school, go on Facebook, chat for an hour, go on twitter, tweet a few messages and then the rest of my day consists of Tumblr. The internet pretty much is my entire world. No wonder Derek broke up with me.

“That’s not true, from what I’ve seen you seem like a very interesting . . . beautiful girl.”

Whoa. Okay, what was that? Did this boy who I’ve known for around a half hour call me beautiful? I felt my cheeks redden like they were on fire. It’s amazing how one word could have such an impact on a person. Unaware of what to say, I look down and lick my lips, getting shy again. I don’t say anything for a while, lost in the bittersweet sound of silence. I look all around the floor, my eyes scattering from place to place as if it will give me something to say. I’m lost in a sea of thought.

The next thing I know the back of Harry’s hand is placed on my left cheek as he slowly moves it up toward my cheekbone, flipping it so that his palm is placed on my face and his fingers are at the tip of my upper cheekbone. He uses this interaction to turn my head gently to the left so that I’m facing him. His eyes drag from my eyes to my lips as he gradually leans in; our faces nearly an inch apart. When he doesn’t see me moving in any closer he makes the ultimate move to make our lips meet each other. Harry pressed his lips to mine firmly but also very softly. I was first astounded by this since I usually NEVER do something like this but I actually found myself kissing him back with full force after a moment. I have absolutely no idea what has gotten into me but I’m actually quite enjoying it.

After a minute or two, Harry pulled away but his face was still dangerously close to mine. He stares at me intently, a hint of a smile peaking upon his face. I laugh briefly like an idiot. Was that supposed to be some type of pity kiss? I have to find out. So I press my lips together before opening them to say, “Am I a moron for liking that?”

He shoots me a goofy like ‘are you crazy’ but then softens his features to a more serious tone. “Absolutely not, since I like you more.”



Whoo my first chapter! So yeah definitely new to this website, and I will be making a book cover for this today and it'll be up shortly :) Hope you liked please leave a comment below, thank you all I love you xx



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