Another Christmas Story ☃

When Santa goes missing, it suddenly becomes the young CIA agent Paul's job to find him again! He brings along his friend on a quest that is basically impossible. Why? Santa has been kidnapped by the CCIA - Canadian Central Intelligence Agency.
What is a young American to do when the borders to Canada have been sealed for ages and it is strictly illegal to cross them. But if he doesn't go...Santa will not be there for Christmas.
Keep reading to find out what happens to Paul!


1. Why Me?


8th of December 2012, Washington DC.

There was a knock on the door. “PAUL?” yelled an angry voice, which unfortunately belonged to my boss, Mr. Barkley. “Yes, sir I’ll be there in a second!” I replied quickly, while I managed to gather all my paperwork, before he could see how messy my desk was. As I walked over to Barkley’s office I wondered what he possibly wanted. I worked in the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) as an agent, but all I ever did, was filing his discarded paperwork, so he wouldn't get sued. I stepped in to Barkley’s office and expected the worst. And I was right.

“Please sit down, Paul. I have some disturbing news to tell you.” Oh no. Was I gonna get fired? “Early this morning at 6:33 am, Coca Cola’s headquarters were compromised. It is common knowledge that Santa Claus works there full-time, except December, when he must spread joy all over America.” “Well, of course sir,” I responded. ”The product of Coca Cola couldn’t function without him. He is the best marketing any company could ever have. Years ago, when Coca Cola bought Santa’s old green suit and replaced it with his red one to match their logo colors, they promoted Coca Cola by using Santa Claus, “ I said very quickly, but I didn’t really understand Barkley’s point. He must have been really angry, because his nostrils were flaring and there were sweat beads running down his temple. I stopped talking, once I realized how important this meeting must be.  “Well this brings me to the point, Paul. This morning, I am sad to say, Santa Claus was kidnapped.”

“WHAT!” I exclaimed a little too loudly. “How can we have Christmas without Santa Claus? He’s essential to the holiday. How could this have happened?” “I know,” Barkley replied. “That is why finding him is paramount. It is our top priority.” “But who kidnapped him?” I asked desperately, wanting to know who could do such a horrible thing. “The CCIA…” Barkley said gravely. “The Canadian Central Intelligence Agency…,” I repeated, slowly realizing what this meant. I always knew Canada was jealous of America, but I had no idea what levels they would sink to, to get back at us. They couldn’t even come up with a different name for their agencies. “Canada has stolen Christmas,” I replied solemnly. “Yes, I am equally disgusted by this act of war,” Barkley said. “But Canada has chosen. First they advanced with Avril Lavigne and Justin Bieber. Then we retaliated with Rebecca Black… But this… This draws the line. Now it is up to us to bring Santa Claus back to where he belongs. This is why I requested to speak with you Paul. You will be the one to do it.”

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