Love At First Sight

It Was Lindaa's And James 4 Year Anniversary And She Expected A Proposal But Instead She Got A Break-Up.He Left Her Alone At The Restaurant So She Had To Walk Home.Along The Way She Met A Very Nice Young Man Who Becomes A Big Part Of Her Life.Was It Love At First Sight?


1. Meeting Him(:

Lindaa Woke Up One Morning Really Excided Beacuse It Was Her And James 4 Year Anniversary.

"Okaii I Have The Whole Day Planned Out.First Im Gonna Go To The Mall And Buy Myself A Cute Dress For Tonight." She Thinks To Herself

James Is Taking Lindaa To The Movies Then To A Fancy Restaurant That Shes Always Wanted To Go.In Her Mind He Was Gonna Pull Out A Huge Dimond Ring And Ask Her To Marry Him Durning Dinner.But She Kinda Realize Hes Been Acting A Little Strange Now A Days,Like He Doesnt Pay Attention To Her Anymore.But She Just Tends To Ignore That And Think Things Are Gonna Be A Little Different Today.

Lindaa Gets Ready And Heads To The Mall To Buy Everything She Needs So That She Can Look Gorgouse Tonight.When She Finishes She Goes Home To Get Ready.Fist She Puts On A Simple Shirt And Some Jeans For The Movies.Lindaa And James Go See "The Vow".At The Begining Of Her Relationship With James He Would Hold Her Close Or Cuddle With Her In The Movies.But Now He Wouldnt Even Put his Arm Around Her.Today She Thought He Was Gonna Do It...But He Didnt.

After The Movies They Went Back To Their House To Change So That They Could Go To The Restaurant.She Puts On Her New Dress And Ask James What He Thinks Of It.

"Looks Alright,I Think You Could Of Done Alot Better" He Says As He Continues To Tie His Tie.

When They Finish They Head To The Car So They Could Leave.The Song That Lindaa And James Danced The First Time He Took Her Out On A Date Came On.She Looks At Him And Smiles.But He Just Changed The Radio Station To A Different One.The Rest Of The Ride Was Nothing But An Akward Silence.

Once You Got To The Restaurant You Get To Your Table And Look At Your Menue.When The Waiter Leaves With Your Order It Stays Silent.

"Umm...So How Was You Day?!"You Ask Akwardly

"Like Whatever"

"Just "Whatever""

"Yeah,Nothing Much Going On There Today Is There?!"

"Okaii Whats Wrong?!,You Havnt Been Acting Like Youself Latley,You've Been Pushing Me Away,Not Making Any Time With Me,Coming Home Late.And Spending More Time On You Phone And Im Getting Pretty Damn Sick And Tired Of It So Whats Wrong!" You Say Nearly Screaming.

"You Wanna Know Whats Wrong?!,You Are! I Cant Stand You!...I Would Go On But I Dont Wanna Waste My Time"

"So What Are You Trying To Say?"

"Look,Can We Just Talk About This Some Other Night?!"

"NO!If Were Gonna Talk About This Were Gonna Talk About It Now!"

*James Phone Rings Interupting The Conversation*

"Are You Gonna Answer That?! You Ask Angerly

"No" He Says Flipping The Phone Over So You Wont See The Caller ID.

"Who Is It!"

"No One"He Says.Then The Ringing Stops...Then Starts Again.She Grab's James Phone And See A Girl Names Andrea Is Calling.

"Isnt Andrea The Girl Thats Always Calling You And Texting You And Sending You Thoes Pictures?!"

"Yes Its Her" He Says As She Answers His Phone.


"Hey Babe,Did You Dump That Bitch Yet?!" She Says As Lindaa Hang Up The Phone.

"So You Breaking Up With Me To Go With Andrea?!"

"Yes Okaii!,Ive Been Wanting To Leave You For A Very Long Time Now!"

"So This Is How You Truely Feel?"She Says With Tears In Her Eyes.

"Im Not Gonna Lie But Yes This Is Truely How I Feel"

"And To Think That You Were Actally Gonna Propose To Me Tonight"She Says While A Tear Falls Down Her Cheek

"Aha,Are You Crazy?! James Says As He Gets Up And Leaves.Lindaa Gets Up And Run Towards Him As He Gets In The Car.As Lindaa Is About To Get In He Locks The Doors And Starts The Car.

"How Am I Souposed To Get Home?!"You Yell.

"Does It Look Like I Care?!"He Says As He Drives Off.Then...Lindaa Rembers She Forgot Her Purse In The Car So She Doesnt Have And Money To Get A Cab.So She Starts Walking Home.She Walks A Really Long Way That She Sits Down For A Bit.She Sits Down For A Few Minutes Then She Notices A Young And Very Attractive Guy Sits Right Next To Her.She Sees That He Has Grogouse Hazel Eyes And A Beautiful Smile.

"So Whats A Beautiful Young Woman Doing Walking Around By Herself At This Time Of Night?"He Says As He Flashes You A Smile.

"Im On My Way Home"


"Pretty Much Yeah..." She Says Akwardly.

"Well...Is It Okaii If I Can-"

"Im Not A Prostitute Okaii!,Just Beacuse You See A Pretty Lady Walking Around At Night Doesnt Mean Shes A Prostitute! She Says Cutting Him Off.

"-Invite You For A Late Night Snack!?" He Continues.You Both Look At Each Other And Start Burting Out Laughing

"Im Sorry...Its Just That I Have A Lot Of Stuff Going Throu My Mind Right Now"

"Its Okaii...Im Zayn By The Way" He Says Looking At You

"Im Lindaa" You Say Meeting His Eyes



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