Fallen Stars

Dylan and Harry has been dating for two years. They were the perfect couple until Harry comes back drunk one night and calls Dylan and whore and a slut, hurt by the words she packs her things and leaves. After three months solid, Harry isn't doing to well. Louis and the boys are conerned. That's when Louis takes him to the doctor and finds out some shocking news...


1. Prologue

Harry and Dylan has been dating for two years straight. They did everything together like best friends. Once Harry had lain eyes on Dylan, he stop thinking about her. Him and Dylan moved in together shortly after they met. Every time they were away from each other they would spam one another with, "I love yous" and "I miss yous.' That all stopped when Harry came back from partying with the boys and telling her that she is a slut and he didn't want to be with a ugly whore like her. Once Dylan heard those words it broken her heart into a million pieces, She packed all her belongings and left. Harry hadn't realized what he'd done until he called her name and she didn't answer. "WAY TO HAROLD! YOU LOST THE DAMN LOVE OF YOUR LIFE!" He shouted at himself.
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