Final Destination 6.

Yes this is based on the Final Destination (FD) series. I am a bit of a fan and can't wait for the real 6 or 7 to be made! I may repeat some of the deaths from the movies (1-5) but there's only so many things you can do. Enjoy. :) CC welcome in all my movellas.


1. Background.

If there was a day more depressing than this one, well there isn't one. How could being at a memorial for five major traumatic events get any worse? For starters the thunder and lightening didn't help. A young blonde man sits in the front row. The place is full, barely any seats going spare. A brunette nudges her way through the people to the empty seat next to him. "Is this chair free?" She asks. He grunts without looking her way in reply. She sits down, make up dripping down her face. "I'm Nina." She whispers. "Nina Palmer."

Acknowleding her try at friendliness he looks her way. "Jason, Jason Peters. Lose anyone? Or just paying respects?"

"My dad. I spoke to him on the phone after the bridge accident. And you?"

"My druggie brother. Sliced up in three different places. They had to sew him back together." The image in Nina's mind made her gag.
"I don't mean to pry but how on Earth could that happen?"

"Some girl dropped her cigarette, it rolled over into a broken pipe, igniting the gas that was dripping from a news van. When the fire reached the van, it exploded and hurled a wire towards him. Just as he looked up, the wires sliced through his body in three places. Disgusting hey?" He laughs, but Nina can tell he misses his brother. "Funny thing is, if that can be funny, is my brother told me death was after him. Just 'coz him and some others survived the Route 23 accident."

"Really? My dad said the same thing. Except it was the big suspension bridge accident." Nina turns her head towards him and senses he's about to ask her how it happened. "He went to some spa. Had acupuncture. Then some coal or something set a light from a candle falls and sets the place on fire."

"Not too bad then." She holds up her hand.

"Not finished." He nods for her to continue. "The lady doing it left him to sleep for 30 minutes but as my dad saw the fire in a panic stumbles off the table, causing the legs to give way, sending him to the floor face down. The alcohol is set ablaze and he stumbles into the far wall of the room, unharmed. The shelf above him holding one of the Buddha statues gives way as it crushes his head."

"You win." He places an arm round her shoulder but senses this is a wrong move and pulls away.

"It's ok." He carefully pulls her into a hug. A row behind a young red haired woman is crying and two people are trying to comfort her.

"Hey we'll be ok Leah. You'll be fine. I know it wont bring Kimberly back." Says a multi-coloured haired girl.

"I know Missie, it's just I miss her." Leah replies, sniffing. Jason and Nina turn around to face the trio.

"Sorry to interupt, but are you related to Kimberly Corman?" Nina asks.

"Yes, why?" Leah snaps.

"We heard about what happened to her. I'm uhh sorry for your loss." Jason says.

"You're Jason Peters. Aren't you? I'm Steven Chaney. You lost your brother. I lost my sister. She got hit by a bus. This is Leah Corman," He says pointing at the red haired girl. "And this is Missie Lanter." He says pointing at the girl with multi-coloured hair.

"Steven why'd you tell them who we are?" Missie says.

"You are?" Steven says ignoring Missie's comment.

"Jason Peters, and this is Nina Palmer."

"Nice to meet you Peters. Nice to meet you Palmer." Leah says.

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