Haylor in the LIME LIGHT (actual book)

Everybody knows that harry and Taylor which makes the all popular Haylor. But now the whole world knows about it. There is this show were people get bashed. A show were celebrities get turned to dust, and to be never heard of again, or just to be holding a tremendous about of weight on there shoulders whenever they go in public. And there is one girl who host it. That girl is Hashtag. though the stupid name, she has been the headline on many news papers and magazines, and also makes every tweet a trending topic. Though the she has not done a show since she predicted the very short marriage of Kim and her beau, she is back with a hit! Now the only question left, is how hard would she throw the punch?


1. New Years Day

Niall's POV

Man! that new year's party last night was wicked! Nothing but hanging with the family.

I then get out of bed with a bit of a head ache. Maybe I drank just a bit too much last night. I then go to the bathroom and take a nice long shower.

When I am done showering and everything, my eyes catch the clock in my room. I read it and it says 5:00pm. A bit latter than I hoped for it to be. At that point, I hear my phone sound. I walk up to it and see a text message from my mom.

-I hear that ur finally up, come down for what is left of breakfast.

the text message reads.

I then put on a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt and walk down stairs, surprisingly not that exited to eat food. My stomach is not that settled yet.

As I reach the bottom of the stairs, I meet my mouth taking out a plate from the microwave, putting it on the table. I give her a little smile saying thank you, then taking a seat in front of the steaming plate of eggs, bacon, and ham. My mother then sets down a cup of coffee.

"Will help with whatever you drank last night." she says whipping her hands piece of paper towel.

I nod and once again say thank you.

She sits on the other side of the table, sitting down her laptop, opening it up. After a few minutes of clicking, and movement of the mouse, she then gasps.

"What?" I asks swallowing a fork full of eggs, then reaching for a sip of coffee.

"It looks like Harry and Taylor publicly kissed when the ball dropped last night." She says.

"Yeah, I know they were together." I said.

"Yeah, but they have it on video." she says.

I nearly chock on my coffee. I cough a bit and then look at the laptop screen my mother has put in front of me.

I watch the video of them kissing under the confetti falling from the sky. Then smirk at the antic of them doing it, not only in public, but the first seconds of 2013.

My mother turns back the laptop to face her, smiling as well. Then her smile drops.

I once again asks, "What?".

"She's back." is all my mother says.

"what do you mean? who is back?' I asks, just as confused as another person would be.

"Her, Hashtag." my mom says.

I begin to laugh," Who?" I say.

My mother then turns the computer my way, and I see the headline, 'The Beyotch is Back, and She is Coming For Blood!'

"A bit drastic you think?" I say, pretty interested in reading the story.

"Just continue reading." is all my mother says.

I scroll down and read the story.

'Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only Hashtag is back after two years of silence! being one of the most hated person in America, many people are not thrilled, but even so, everybody is waiting to tune in to watch her show airing at 8pm on the view.

The last time old Hashie was on television, she predicted Kim and her then, future hubby to get divorced in less than 6 months. Next thing you know, after 72 days, DONE! She was the one to blame for there divorce. putting the stress on there marriage, but she says that is just a pile of BULL, and that I quote 'they were set up for disaster, I could see it. Kim pulled that relationship out of her fat arse' end quote WOW! that is Hashtag for ya.

She has not disclosed her topic for this show, but she has confirmed, depending how well the show goes, she is gonna choose to do more about the same topic or to kill the topic and soak in all the hate before the next BANG!.

That only leaves us with one question......who will she destroy next?

Would it be Kim again, but with her holding Konya's baby? Would it be about Brangileana? Would it be about Jeleana? Heck, would it be about one direction its self and all the scandals they have stirred up, just being them? Would it be the rivalry between The Wanted and One Direction? Who knows, all we know is that the whole world would be watching.'

"Wow, this is something else." I says, surprised with the back story.

"Exactly." my mother says, taking back the laptop.

"It might be drama, but there is no way I am missing out on some good entertainment." she says with a little laugh at the end of her sentence.

"What? You are, and if it is about me and the band?" I ask, questioning if I should join her.

"If it is bout you and the band, and you don't want to watch it, then I would turn it off, either than that, I have something to do at eight now." she finishes.

I just nod, and instead of finishing my coffee there and then, I put my dish in the sink, then take the coffee cup up to my room. I switch on my computer as soon as I reach my desk, and decide to Google the person 'Hashtag'. When I do, what pops up is a bunch of pictures of her. When I look closely into it, it looks like she was still relatively young, when I search deeper, the last time she showed her face to the public eye, was when she was 16.

She is now 18, and is known for her unique name since child birth. She has more follower than One Direction, The Wanted, and Justin Bieber combined.....wow, impressive.

After looking at many sites with loads of info in them, I then go to twitter and search up her name, 'Hashtag'. Looking threw a couple of people like 'Top hashtag' and 'Hashtag Trends', I finally see a name saying 'Hashtag Officail' and I even see an official check mark next to it. I then click on it, from there, bringing me to her profile.

The first thing I see is a her profile picture which looked like then one I saw her in earlier. She has not changed that for one thing. I think to myself. As I scroll down the page, I see her bio. It reads, 'America's most wanted....yeah, just awesome!' The sarcasm in it makes me smile a bit. She is really something else.

I then look at her pictures, but not before I catch an eye of how many followers she has. 1,243,567 followers! God! And then I look at how many people she is following. 0. Well that is really returning the favor! I think to myself, but part of me understands why.

When i do finally look at her pictures, I see pictures of her doing her show. Now I think of it, I have no clue what her show name is. When I click on the latest picture, I take a look at the timeline. This was taken exactly two years ago. And when I look closely, I see a signed behind her saying HASHTAGIN'. Could that be the shows name?

"How creative." I say out loud, but not loud enough for anyone but me to hear it.

I then remember my coffee, and take a sip of it. I look at other pictures of her doing the show, and then I see one where she is up close. She has brown hair, and brown eyes. And she has no sign of a tan what so ever. More or less pale. but I do not pay too much more attention to that as I go back to her profile, and look at her latest tweet.

Wow, her latest tweet was, as I guessed, two years ago. It read, 'I told u so'.

As I click 'expand' I see how the latest respond was just a minute ago, and it reads,' yeah, and I guess we just have to be telling u again u beyotch, go away!'

When I look closer into the replies, I see how the replies to this tweet, most probably never stopped.. once again I am wowed. And when I grab my phone once again and check face book on that, I see 'i told u so' is the number one trending topic worldwide. This girl never fails to continue to wow me.

I decide not to look any further into to twitter, and I go to YouTube, and search 'Hashtag's last show'. when I do, I see a video at the top of the list with over 999million views. This video is close to being more popular than PSY's video. Wow.

I click to watch it, and I see how there is a large audience in a big lighted room, with a big desk, but not big enough for it to be the only thing you see then her, bit big enough for you to see her surroundings, no matter the camera distance. I watch the show happen, the cheers, the yeahs, and the ews, but U have to say, I have never seen something like it. At the end, I see how she says.

'It is funny how you guys boo me on the street, but we all know that cause this is my show, you can't boo me for sure." she says with a serious face, but then everybody starts to laugh and she laughs with them.

What? Makes no sense, but anyway. I drop the topic and go to check my twitter. I then tweet, 'That was some criac last night! So funny !' and as usually, instantly get thousands of replies by a bunch I don't know.

I then am tempted to go look at her twitter again, but I let it go, then decide to text the boys.

I first text Harry-had a good night? Wait, of corse ya did! x-p

Then Liam-Happy new years!

after him, Zayn-I hope vas happening is a great new year! happy new year!

and then finally Louis-Hope ya had a great new years eve, and a BETTER NEW YEARS!

I put down my phone, and I realize that I am bored. what do I do now? Then I hear my phone buzz.

Liam's POV

I feel my phone buzz in my pocket. I am in my room, doing nothing but eat, and eat, and eat. My dad is a great cook. i take my phone out of my pocket after whipping my hands on the napkin next to me, then I kick up my feet, reading the text message composed my Niall.

'Happy new years!'

I reply to him back saying.

'and a happy new years to u'

Pressing send, I then put my phone back in my pocket. When I was just about to take another bite into the best burger ever, my phone buzzes again. I put down the burger, whip my hands once again, and reach into my pocket. I read the reply from Niall.

'did you hear about hashtag?'

I have no idea what he is talking about, this makes no sense what so ever.

'wat r u talkin' bout bro?'

I put as a lazy reply and go back to the burger. I don't even have a chance to touch it and my phone buzzes. I just ignore it and go for the burger anyway. I take a nice big bite out of it, savoring the taste, but then the phone buzzes again! I give up in all hopes in eating that burger and put it down, and whip my hands again.

I reach into my phone and see the two texts. One reading,

'I mean the girl named hashtag.'

I, still confused look at the second text.

'She has a popular show where she bashes celebs, it has not been on for 2 years and....oh whatever, here is the link to everything you need to know, and check out her twitter profile @Hashtag Official.'

I really don't see the big deal with this girl, but whatever.


I say finally, hoping that that would end the conversation.

I go back to the burger, and before I take another bite out of it, I stop myself. The question of who Hashtag it is bugging me way too much. I put it down, whip my hands, and look it all up on my phone.

I read the most...the most...I don't even know how to explain it, but it is different. I then check out her twitter profile, and I am instantly blown away with her followers! And I am really blown away by how many she is following.

The show is at 8 for Niall, which means that is at 7 for me. and the time 5:30pm for me. Something in me can't wait.

I then text Zayn about the girl Hashtag saying this.

'check this out...this would blow ur mind'

adding the same link Niall gave me below.

Finally, I get a chance to sink into my burger, but when I do, it is cold....you have to be kidding.

Zayn's POV

I hear my phone ding I am watching TV with my older sister at this point. I then reach for the coffee table and grab it.

"Who is it?" my sister asks.

"Don't be nosey." is all I say before I walk into the kitchen.

I read the text composed by Liam.

'check this out....this would blow ur mind'

and then I see Niall's text which is absolutely ridiculous, but funny!

I reply to him writing,

'Lol, happy new year to u 2'

Then I reply to Liam and write,

'happy new years to u too bud, and thank i will check tis out.'

I send both, then grab my tablet from which was resting on the kitchen table. I first e-mail myself the link, then look at the page on my tablet. After reading that....very interesting story, I look at her twitter on my phone. Equally wowed, I send this to Louis and Perrie, the link to the story, and the link to her twitter.

I go back to sit down on the couch, and check the time. It is 7:45, looks like at 9 I would have something to do.

Louis POV

My phone buzzed, and I quickly picked it up, bored out of my mind. I am watching TV in the living space and am home alone. How nice, on New Year's too. My parents went out to meet somebody, and I slept in so they could not bring me. I still think they only brought the twins and my two sisters because they can't handle any boys there! I crack myself up sometimes. I am still a bit tired by the way.

I pick up my phone, and check the messages. Only one. And that one is from Zayn.

'Check this out, really interesting...' then I see a bunch of links.

Great! Something to do!

I run to my bedroom, and I e-mail myself the links, and look at everything from there.

I am blown away by the story and jealous of all of her followers. But her being the person America hates to love.......that is when I stop envying her and start to be bad. Poor girl.

I am going to watch the show for sure, I would love to see what she would talk about. But man do I hope how it is not about us. From what I have seen, that would be harsh!

Harry's POV

Me and Taylor meet up at my hotel room, and we both sit on the couch, in front of the telly.

"Do you want to watch TV?" I ask her.

"Sure, that is when we are sitting here, right?" she says, then giggles the way she does so cutely.

I smile at her, then turn on the TV. It is about five to 8pm, and I stop at a news channel that catches my eye.

"Hashtag, the most talked about girl today! Know for her trending topics, and her talent in bashing celebrities, she is the number one topic in about five minutes." one of the news anchors says.

"Yeas, yeas she is, as her show is airing in five minutes on this channel. The all famous show 'Hashtaging' has not been aired since two years ago, right after she predicted the death of Kim and her beau's all famous marriage. Even though she has not been seen for two years, and has not even updated her twitter for two years, she has over one billion followers and is know by every single celebrity around the world." the lady finishes.

"No, she is not." I say.

After saying that, Taylor lets out a laugh.

"Now starting in less than a minute Bill, we have to say good bye, as always, she does a count down." The lady continues.

"From me, and everybody from Vivo, i bid you a good night and a happy new year!" The man finishes.

The screen goes completely black, then, there is a plain white number on the screen. '3'. Then there is a '2', and finally a '1'.

After that, there is a long pause were it almost looks like the screen froze.

Then out of nowhere there is a sign on the TV saying 'Hashtaging'. A big roar of applause sounds, and then you hear an announcement being made.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I give the most wanted girl in America, the top trending toping worldwide!, the girl that America loves to hate......Hashtag!" the guy says holding on the 'a' making it seem like a huge deal.

Another roar of applause breaks out from the crowed and then a girl comes out in a red dress and her hair curled. Everybody hoots at her appearance, and then she takes a seat in front of what is labeled, 'the grill'.

"Hello, long time no see!" she says, holding her phone in her hand, then putting it down. The screen behind her shows her profile, and shows the new tweet that she just composed.

'Hello, long time no see!'

At this, everybody laughs, then a couple of seconds later she picks up her phone and turns it to the crowd, only to reveal that #Hello, long time no see is number one, trending worldwide.

Everybody begins to applaud, wowed by this happening.

"As some people might say, the beyotch is back, or 'who let Satan get back on cable?' she says, and at that, the whole crowd is washed over with laughter.

"It's funny cause its true." she says with a serious face, only to again, bring the house down with laughing and applause.

"Okay, I am not gonna waste any more time......today's topic is Haylor."

After she said those words, the whole crowd stopped laughing and stopped clapping then and there. All there is, is silence. My neck snaps right to Taylor, and the same happen to her.

"It had to happen." she says, relaxing her facial expression.

She reaches for the remote.

"Wait, don't change it!" I say, wanting to know what will happen next.

"Good, I did not want to stop watching it." she says, then puts down the TV remote.

"And I am surprised you guys did not get the hint when I came out here with a red dress with my hair curled for the first time in my life. You got to be kidding me if you think that I am going try to be like Miley Cyrus and 're invent myself', please, I am not that low!" she says, winning over the crowed, bringing them to tears with that laughter that rung pout and stayed ringing for the next while.

She is trouble. Now how ironic is that?





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