Never Forget You *Sequel to He Doesn't Remember*

*Sequel to He Doesn't Remember* It's been seven years since Harry and I parted our ways. I haven't spoken to him or the boys since. I am currently 25 and have been in a relationship with Sam for 6 1/2 years. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and I am now officially a licensed pharmacist. When I moved out to America seven years ago Sam had come out there with me. But now we moved back to Holmes Chapel in Cheshire, England. *You should really read He Doesn't Remember before you read this. If you don't you probably won't understand shit.*


1. Tears of Joy

"It's such a nice day out." Sam says while we hold hands. I look up at him and smile. (When you picture Sam think of Alex Pettyfer. And Lauren as Victoria Justice.) It was a gorgeous Spring day. We were hand in hand walking on the beach. It's been 6 1/2 years since we've been together. It's been 7 years since I've talked to Harry. I never forgot about him. Everyday he's running through my mind. I am now 25 and I finished medical school. I am a licensed pharmacist now. I came back to Holmes Chapel and got a really excellent job. Sam is a computer engineer at Microsoft and we both couldn't be happier. "Can I ask you something?" Sam asks snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Of course!" I say.

He gets down on one knee and pulls out a little tiffany box. My heart stopped. He looks up at me and gives me a warm smile. "Lauren Kay Dodds, will you marry me?" I start to feel tears in my eyes. He opens the box and there was a big diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds. By then I was full on crying. I could barely speak so I just nod my head crazily at him. He stands up and puts the ring on my ring finger. He gives me a warming hug. "Why are you crying babe?" He mumbles into my hair.

I suck in the tears and say, "I'm sorry, just tears of joy. I love you so much. I would love to be Mrs. Lauren Phillips!" I exclaim and kiss him.

"Come on, let's go tell everyone." He grabs my hand and we walk to Melanie and Garrett's house. Yes yes, they got married. Their wedding was about two years ago but it was absolutely beautiful! They now have the cutest little boy named Scott. He's only one year old. I love him like he's my own child. We knock on their door and smile when they open the door. (Picture Melanie as Mila Kunis and Garrett as Zac Efron)

"Hey Mel!" I hug her. "Hey Garrett!" I also hug him. "Where's my favorite little godchild!?" I yell.

"I'm here Auntie Lauren!" Scott yells coming out from behind a couch. I pick him up and give him a kiss on his cheek.

"Love you kiddo." I say and put him down. I sit down on the couch with Sam. Melanie and Garrett sitting on the couch across from us. "We have some news." I say smiling and looking at Sam.

"We're getting married!" We both exclaim. Both of their eyes went wide and they started to congratulate us.

"When's the date?" Mel asks.

I shrug and look at Sam. "We don't know yet. I guess we'll think about that tomorrow." I smile.


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