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Writing techniques are one of the most important aspects for whatever you write. Used correctly, they can make the story more interesting , whether that by by using descriptive words, or adding in punctuation to add just the right effect. In this , I will demonstrate how to use those two aspects, and other various things, to make your story more appealing and interesting for the reader!


1. Techniques- Describing a character simply

One of the key things for a good story is description. In this section, I will demonstrate how techniques can change how interesting the reader finds something immediately, this being essential for painting the character in the readers mind.

Techniques that'll be demonstrated:

- The Power Of Three

- Alliteration

- Full stops



The Power of Three

Although you as an author may want the reader to immediately describe the character in order for them to understand their actions, it is much better unfolding their characteristics as you go along. Instead, narrowing it down to three words is much better.

Standard: She was beautiful, intelligent, nice, interesting,friendly and intriguing.

Technique:  She was beautiful, intelligent and nice. *interesting,friendly and intriguing*

This quickly tells the reader some information about the character, without telling them their life story.



The power of three can be emphasised by using alliteration. This is where the words have the same letter, subtly making the characteristics more exciting. So I am going to go back to my list of characteristics to find three words with the same letter at the start.

Standard: She was beautiful, intelligent and nice

Technique: She was intelligent, interesting and intriguing.

This instantly draws attention, which is what we are aiming for


Full stops 

Putting these in the right place can add an impressive amount of impact. Remember, they aren't just there to complete a sentence. The use of these in between words can emphasise what is being said significantly, and seeing as characteristics are of importance, this technique is very useful.

Standard:  She was intelligent, interesting and intriguing

Technique: She was intelligent. Interesting. Intriguing .




Now we are left with an eye catching sentence, both interesting the reader, and describing the character. At the start, we initially had a rambling sentence. This sentence is more exciting, as you can tell. Hopefully, this step by step guide has helped you understand that techniques are essential for writing. However, this is just the start. Check back for more step by step guides for parts of the story that'll help the reader enjoy your story.

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