Kat is a insecure senior at Westview high school and she is very talented, she writes her own songs, she plays the piano , but she's to shy to share her gift. There's a talent show and her best friend Jennet signs kat up for the talent show and everything goes down hill from there.


1. school sucks

 At school everything was incredible then the talent show had to come around. Im Kat i goto westview high school and im valivictorian of the senior class,im very shy.

''hey jen whats up ?

''nothing really,but im reallyexcited"

''for what exactly?

"the talent show. there is talk a speacil guess is coming and no one knows who it is they say rihanna but i dont think so. are you gonna''

'' cutting her off .Dont start with me about that  talent show''

''but you are so good at singing and you can dance your the most talentest girls i know'

''thank you but no im resolved

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