Second Chances

Sequel to He's Mine | During Eleanor and Louis' wedding, Eliza comes in contact with the one person she had hoped to never see again. But what was she thinking? That he'd suddenly disappear from her life? No. Harry was here to stay, and this time he was determined to fight for them to be together again. But the real question is... Does Eliza believe in Second Chances? Even if it wasn't entirely Harry's fault?


1. A Bruised Fist

Eliza’s POV.

His hair, his scent, his eyes, his body. Just- everything. It’s been a year without him… A whole damn year. It literally felt like an eternity. Call me dramatic, but hey. I’m a girl… No Eliza, you’re supposed to hate him! I shook my head. But I don’t… I was faltering. And Eleanor was starting to realize. It is my fault though… I chose to leave. I chose not to hear him out. I chose to be a bitch about it. Dammit Eliza did you have to love him?

After leaving New York, Kyle and I moved to Cambridge, where we both study at Cambridge University. I’m studying Architecture whilst Kyle is studying Accounting. Eleanor moved into our apartment with us, which I had no problem with. It was pretty big, I would say.

We each had a room to ourselves, and an extra guest room of course, but once Eleanor and Louis ‘officially’ get married she’ll no longer be in my presence. Sad face… I looked around at my baby blue walls, the quote that I had painted on the wall when we moved in. “A rose without thorns is like a love without heartbreak; it doesn’t make sense.”

Don’t even get me started on why I painted that, but it definitely reminded me of my situation. Though I’m not one to sulk. I’m only thinking this deep because I’m absolutely knackered… Not a joke.

I had set up a few shelves where most of my memories sat. For example, my trophy I won when I was in high school, a fake rose that was given to me by my uncle, the typewriter that my mum had given me for my birthday (which I don’t use quite often if I’m honest), and the pink fluffy bear Liam had won me at a carnival 3 years back.

You’d think I would have thrown all that away, but it was all too precious to me. Besides, memories are memories.

During my little trip to New York, I had actually taken a shitload of pictures. Most, in fact, included the boys. I had printed at least 200 photos and stuck them in a little collage on my wall. It was shaped in a heart, and whenever I missed them, I’d just look at the wall.

“Is it even healthy to think that hard?” I heard Kyle whisper to, who I’m guessing, Eleanor. “I’m not sure… Google it.” She whispered back, the door slightly creaking from her sudden push onto it.

“Hey guys.” I rasped, my attention moving to the ceiling. I heard Eleanor gasp before there was a short pause. “Love, we’re going out for lunch. And you’re coming with.” It definitely wasn’t a question, I’ll tell you that. I sighed, but slowly nodded, getting out of bed and shooting them a smile. “Looks like we’ll be having some actual food for once.” I smirked and walked into my closet.

“Offended.” I heard El scoff, Kyle snickering in the background. “Good.” I chuckled and grabbed some peach colored jeans, a lace tank top, and my favorite leather jacket. “Ellie!” I called out to Eleanor, hoping she’d hear me. “Yeah babe?” She asked walking into my closet too. “Shoes?” I held out my outfit in hand, showing her what I was planning to wear.

She thought for a moment, before pulling out my platform boots off the shelf, the white ones. “This.” She stated, placing them by my feet. “Thanks.” I grinned and shooed her out, closing the closet doors behind her.

After changing, I curled my light brown hair, clipping my bangs to the side.

"I can't say I don't like your red hair, because I like it, I do. But, I don't think dying your hair is that bad of an idea." I could hear his smile through the phone making me smile too. "Awesome. I'll see you later. I love you." I told him, probably smiling like a fool "Bye babe, I love you too."

Why did that have to pop into my thoughts? I sighed taking one last look at myself in the mirror before making my way out to them, grabbing my phone and wallet in the first place. “Alright let’s go shall we?” I attempted a posh accent. Note, I said attempted.

El and Kyle both burst out laughing, clutching onto the kitchen island for support. My lips slowly turned up into a smile, a giggle escaping my lips. “Okay in all seriousness. Let’s go before I get hungry and eat the two of you instead.” Both their eyes went wide as they sped to the door, making their way straight to the lift. Thought so.

I locked up, slipping the key into my back pocket, then met them just as the lift arrived. Ding. My eyes travelled up as they met with a pair of golden amber ones. “Oh hey Eli.” Zac smiled, his dimples prominent. Oh I wonder who else has dimples like those. “Hey Zac.” I smiled back, giving him a hug.

He lived in the apartment above mine, and we also went to school together. Don’t worry, he has a girlfriend. “Goin’ somewhere?” Kyle asked, giving him a ‘guy hug’. Eleanor waved hello too, before Zac finally answered, “Yeah, going to visit Jodie.” His eyes glimmered as he thought of his girlfriend.

“Oh cool, tell her I say hi!” I smiled happily before we all exited at the lobby, piling into my Volkswagen beetle. Also know as, my baby. “Nandoooooooooooos!” Kyle and I cheered, as Eleanor threw hear hands up in the air and started to dance. “Lego!” She chirped and I slowly backed out of the parking space.


Once we got there, I was immediately shocked at the 2 cheeky smiling boys who sat waiting. His pale blue eyes meeting mine almost instantly. “NIALLER!” I screamed, jumping onto him in a hug. “Gosh I missed you.” I mumbled into his neck. “I missed you too baby sis.” He cooed, kissing my hair.

“Hey what about me?” Louis pouted, pretending to be hurt. “Awe I missed you too Boobear.” I gushed pulling him in for a hug too. We all sat down, taking a few minutes to look through the menu, though I already knew what I was getting. “Where are the other boys?” I enquired, placing my menu back onto the table. “Home. Niall decided to tag along with me since I was going to come talk to El about our wedding plans.” Louis explained, placing his menu down too.

Oh, of course he wouldn’t come… You’d think that his best friend would be the first to volunteer… “Oh… Okay.” I mumbled, coming out a little more blunt than I had expected. “He was just tired Eli…” Niall tried reasoning, only to shut up when he realized I didn’t really want to know.

It all fell awkwardly silent as I looked down and my fingers, playing with them slightly. I decided to lighten the mood. “So have you set a date?” Kyle urged before I could, definitely twin telepathy goin’ on here. “We sure have!” Louis bubbled, looking to Eleanor for a green light to tell us, “November 6th.” My mouth dropped open as I realized it was currently September 2013.

Yes, indeed they had waited a whole damned year. Supposedly to let everything go ‘back to normal’... Well kind of. So they waited a year. A long, bloody year... Though I'm thankful. Because if you asked me if I was ready for the wedding a year ago, I would have screamed out a frustrated no.

"But that's so close! If I'm going to be maid of honor, how am I supposed to help plan everything in such little time?" Yes, indeed I was freaking out. Sue me. "Calm your tits! You have like, 2 months!" Louis protested, rolling his eyes playfully at me. I groaned and sighed, calling a waiter over. Hey Eli, get ready for 2 months of headaches, planning, and late night coffees. But hey, at least El will be helping me.

After ordering, we got talking about color themes and venues. "I say we do a navy blue and white wedding." Kyle grinned at Louis, knowing he was going to like it. "Oh my gosh yes! I love navy blue!" I squealed, taking another bite out of my chicken. Eleanor smiled at her fiancé, that usual spark in her eyes again. Awe. "I agree." Niall nodded, chuckling at my reaction. "Then it's settled."


"Thanks for lunch you guys. I didn't realize how much I missed the two of you." I told them, feeling slightly sentimental. "Aw Eli! We'll be back before you know it." Louis and Niall then pulled me in for a hug, and I kissed both their cheeks, then they went over to the other two, bidding them goodbye.

El and Louis took the most time. It was obvious they loved each other, you could just see it in their eyes... And I was always a little jealous of how perfect their relationship was. I had that… Then I lost it.

The drive back to the apartment was fairly quiet, though it wasn’t awkward or anything… “What’s the time El?” I asked keeping my eyes on the road. “4.” She replied not taking her eyes off her phone, a goofy grin plastered across her face. I’m guessing she’s talking to Louis then.

I parked the car in my usual spot, then got out, making a dash for the lift. “What’s got you in a rush?” Kyle joked, he and Eleanor chasing after me. “Nothing… Just eager to get to my bed.” I shrugged. Lie. He eyed me suspiciously, flashing El a look before deciding to let it go. “If you say so.”

The minute I opened the door, I went straight to my room. I think it’s time for another shower…

I stripped out of my current clothes, dropping them swiftly into the hamper as I got myself under the shower. How did all this happen? I thought to myself, scrubbing at the scar I had got when Harry and I went ‘adventuring’ into the little rainforest back in the Caribbean.

“Harry! I don’t think we should be here!” I warned him, carefully following behind him as he tracked through all these trees and vines. “Oh come on Eli, it’s just a patch of trees and… other stuff.” He tried protesting, not doing a very good job at it.

“OTHER STUFF?!” I shrieked, scared of the answer. “Calm yourself babe, I’m here to protect you!” He winked, probably hoping it would soothe me. WRONG. “Harryyyyy!” I whined and started speed walking after him.

“OW!” I yelped, blood suddenly dripping from my arm. “Jeez Eliza!” Harry frantically stopped, obviously noticing the gash on my arm. “Alright I think it’s time to go…” He muttered, lifting me up into his arms.

It was still visible, hence the fact it’s been there for God knows how long… Then I stared down at my wrist. The one thing that will always be a constant reminder of him. I brought it closer to my face, examining it closely. I had always liked the way the infinite and the heart avoided their lines coming in contact. Oh, and also the irony that it was meant to symbolize ‘forever love’.

Ahaha, me and my irony. After pondering on a few other subjects, I finally stepped out, wrapping myself in my fuzzy blue towel. “Gosh that actually felt good.” I thought aloud, hoping no one was standing within hearing distance… Gosh that would be weird.

I slipped on some grey sweatpants, pulling a plain black v-neck on after. Taking my time to dry my hair, I went over to my phone only to see a message blinking on the screen.

From: Payneeee

Hey Eliza. I just thought I’d check in… You know, see how you’re doing. Wanna meet up sometime soon?

I smiled running my fingers through my wet hair.

To: Payneeee

Would love to. When are you coming down to Cambridge?

I then set my phone down, deciding to dry my hair whilst waiting for him to answer. I rubbed my hair with my towel a little more before turning on my hair dryer and start to dry my hair. Buzz buzz.

I grabbed my phone off the table, reading the message.

From: Payneeee

I’ll drive down tomorrow if you’d like? We can go catch a bite too.

To: Payneeee

Sounds good. See you then xx

He replied a ‘see you’ then I tossed my phone onto the bed and started brushing my hair. Tomorrow was a Saturday, which meant no classes, which meant no interruptions. AWESOME! I couldn’t wait to spend time with Liam. He was always so fun to be around.

Oh god. Now I was left with nothing to do… “Want to come watch a movie?” Ky asked, stepping into my room. “Who invited you?” I joked, jumping onto his back so he could piggyback me to the living room. We were laughing at something Kyle had said when he froze in place, not taking me off his back.

“What the actual fuck?” was all I could say as I stared at the blue eyed asshole who stood at the door. “He just showed up at the door…” Eleanor growled, knowing what had gone down between us. “I just wanted to talk to you.” Liam stated, his eyes hopeful. Mind you, this was Liam Jones. “I suggest you get out of this house before you loose a tooth.” Kyle scowled, slowly letting me slip off his back.

“I’m not leaving until you talk to me.” He was being stubborn, and I just wanted to smack him across the face. “I swear to god Liam, if you do not leave my apartment, I will slap you so hard they’ll hear it in Antarctica.” I screamed, loosing it. He looked… Scared? “No! The least you could do is let me explain!”

My face scrunched up and I rammed my hand into the wall. “LET YOU EXPLAIN? YOU’RE KIDDING RIGHT? NO WAY IN FUCKING HELL AM I LETTING YOU COME UP WITH A STUPID EXCUSE YOU PROBABLY REHEARSED A MILLION TIMES, JUST SO YOU CAN LIE TO ME IN THE FACE. I REFUSE TO LET YOU TOY AROUND WITH ME AGAIN. JUST NO.” My knuckles were starting to bleed, but I chose to ignore it as my stare bore into Liam.

He looked dumbfounded, almost as though he was expecting me to let him explain. Who does he think he is? I felt Kyle’s arms wrap around me as I realized I had started storming towards Liam. “I think it’s time you left. And I suggest not coming back.” Eleanor glowered, her eyes telling me she just wanted to claw at his face.

He nodded slowly, backing out the door. Eleanor slammed it shut, running over to me immediately. From what I could tell, the both of them had expected me to breakdown crying. Heck, I had expected that too. But there was something that replaced all that sadness and depression… And that was anger. How could he just come and walk in, expecting me to give him a chance to explain himself.

“My knuckles…” I whimpered, clutching onto my hand. “Holy shite! Dammit Eliza it’s turning purple!” Eleanor yelped, running to get a wet towel to dab my fist with. “I think we should get her to a hospital…” Kyle mumbled, picking me up in his arms. “I hate hospitals.” I grumbled, but let him take me there anyway.

“Ah, Miss Smith. What can I help you with- Jesus what’s happened to your hand?” He questioned, shock written all over his features. “I punched the wall…” I murmured, slightly embarrassed. I honestly didn’t have a reason to punch that innocent wall, but I needed to punch something. And I was tempted to break a certain person’s nose.

“Well, that’s a new one. Come on let’s check out this fist of yours.” He guided me to his examination bed, sitting me onto it. Gosh, am I really that light? He used his fingers to feel up the bones in my hand, probably searching for a broken one. After, he proceeded to examine beneath the layer of blood, that still wasn’t dry.

He did a few more tests before cleaning my hand off in the sink, then applying some sort of cream, wrapping it up in a light blue bandage. “You’re one lucky girl Miss Smith. Seems you have no broken bones, just gashes and some very serious bruises. I’ll give you some painkillers for the throbbing, and a cream for the cuts. Change the bandage every morning, and be careful when you shower.” He explained, writing a few things down before motioning we could leave.

We thanked him, then made our way out to the waiting area for my meds. “Is it throbbing yet?” Kyle joked, trying to lighten the mood. “No shit Sherlock.” I giggled, smacking him on the back of the head with my un-injured hand. He yelped softly, rubbing the back of his head.

“Alright you two cut it out.” Eleanor chuckled, shaking her head. We collected my meds, and bought about a dozen more bandages, then made our way back home. I obviously couldn’t drive, so the only other person I trusted with my car was El, so I was relieved to see her hopping into the drivers seat.

“We really need to get you guys your own cars…” I pointed out, leaning back into my seat. “And would you like to go buy one for us?” Eleanor jested, winking at me through the front mirror. “Aha! You wish.” I laughed, Kyle frowning slightly from beside me. “You can go buy em’ yourselves! I bought this car with my own money, thank you very much.” I told them in matter-of-fact tone.

They just laughed as I soon started to drift to sleep on Kyle’s shoulder. Was I really that tired?

Author's note: HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY MY LOVELIES <3 Hope you guys have an amaZAYN day :*

YAY first chapterrrrr. I hope you like it :) I miss Harry :( Heliza was honestly such a great couple. OH WELL. Time will tell I guess.

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