In this lovely Niall Horan love story, you'll be wanting more. Jiall and Niall has been friends since they were in diapers. But now that Niall has left. Jiall missed Niall a lot. But once they reconnect again they fall for each other. After they started dating terrible things start to happen. Is fate trying to keep them apart or something else.......


1. Remembering.

Jiall Pov

I remember back when me and Niall was really little. We were living in Ireland. Our mums knew each other for a really long time. They always talked about having babies at the same time. But it wasn't really like that me and Niall are three days apart. Then when started going to school together. Until back up in 9th grade, he'd audition for the X-Factor. I remember watching him the first day it aired. I was really happy when he was elected along with four other boys. They were formed as a band called 'One Direction'. The band was OK, for me. So after two years Niall has busy as ever. He'd hadn't call me or him mum. Missing the good times we'd had was really fun until he'd audition for X-Factor and he had been working ever since. I wish I could have just one more time with my best friend.

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