Seriously.. Why?!

This is a book about things I do not understand, things in this world that I find dumb and I think..

Seriously.. Why?!

If you're in for a laugh or want to know if you and someone else have the same annoyances, then read below!





Oh God.. Where do I start?!




A abbreviated word used by most teenagers, it was discovered and made by Drake and once everyone heard it in the song.. it became I common term. 


So the meaning?

Y- You 

O- Only 

L- Live

O- Once

Ok let's think about that.... If I'm not mistaken I already knew that I only lived once. 


But Noo! People are using YOLO as an excuse to do things they would of never done before because they just RECENTLY figured out that they Only Live Once.. 

I find this stupid and uncalled for.. 

I mean people will fall off a 4 story building because They Only Live Once .. well them doing that will prove that point to be true because after that they will be dead.. and as they said.. they only lived once. 


That was my first "Seriously.. Why?!" Rant on YOLO


~Maria xx

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