Everyone is born with a marking on them, like a tattoo. That marking is a symbol of what your purpose in life is. This story is about one girl's journey to find out her purpose.


1. Before It All Happened

   Everyone said I was a beautiful child. Dark brown hair, sea blue eyes, fair skin. "Oh Rhia," my mother would say. "You are the most perfect child."  My marking, however, confused some people. It was a heart with an 'x' inside of it. The marking was placed on the upper left side of my back. People tried to figure it out. Some said maybe i was to have an unkind heart. Maybe it was that I would break the heart of another. My mother and father refused to believe those explanations, although, since they couldn't explain it, they weren't quite sure. 

    I grew up in a small town named Autumn. In Autumn, everyone was friendly and kind. That is what I thought, until I started school. You start school around the age of seven. Before that, you just when to programs where they taught you to be kind, some art, and music. Now, I would be learning about the history of our nation, math problems, and once i was old enough, skills that would be need for the job the city would pick for me.

   I walked through those front doors of the school so confidently. My long ponytail swinging back and forth, and my bright yellow dress. I was grinning from ear to ear. When I walked into my classroom, kids immediately walked over to me to look at my marking. Everyone was so interested at each others markings. Some people had flowers, some had books, or maybe even baby bottles. They all tried to guess what they all meant. When they looked at my marking, a look of confusion flashed across their faces. They are pointed at it and some started to chuckle. "That is the weirdest marking I've ever seen!" one child shouted. "It can't mean anything good," said another. I became the laughingstock of my class. It was terrible.

I did make two friends though. Kendall and Adain were their names. They have been there for me through and through. 

Now that you are caught up, let's resume to now.

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