If Only.

"I Cant Belive I Did This.Now Shes His...And Not Mine.I Love Her.But I Can Never Take Her Away From Him.As Much As I Want Her...I Just Cant.I Cant Belive I Just Let An Amazing Girl Like That Just Slip Out Of My Hands."

*But I See You With Him
Slow Dancing Tearing Me Apart
Cause You Don't See
Whenever You Kiss Him I'm Breaking
Oh, How I Wish That Was Me*


1. #1 His Broken Look.

Tomlinson's Estate


10:35 pm

Stacy's P.O.V

My Phone Vibrated And I Turned To See Me Best Friend Stephanie Calling.I Put The TV On Mute And Answerd.


"Are They There Yet?! Please Tell Me They're There Now!". Stephanie Screamed.I Rolled My Eyes.

"No,But They Should Be Here Any Minute" I Spoke.

"Okaii,But Please! When You See Liam Give Him A Big,Wet,Sloppy Kiss For Me!.I Swear Hes So Hot! I Bet Anything That You Could Fry And Egg On That Guy!.Zayn Is Really Hot Too.But My Heart Belongs To Liam" She Said Catching Her Breath.

"Your Such A Fangirl" I Giggled.

"I Prefer The Term 'Directioner',Anyways Dont Forget To Kiss Liam For Me Okaii?!" She Said.

"Mmmhhmmm,Okaii Stephanie Whatever You Say".I Heard The Door Bell Ring And I Panicked."My Brother Is Here! I Got To Go Stephanie,Ill Talk To You later".

"But Stacy-".I Didnt Let Her Finish.I Ran Out Of My Room And Went To Open The Door And Saw A Buff,Strong,And Better Version Of Louis.

"Louis!" I Yelled And Tackeld Him Onto The Ground.I Couldnt Belive He Was Here.

"Stacy! I Missed You Kid" He Said With A Bright Smile As He Hugged Me Back.I Took A Step Back To Get A Good Look At Him.

"Your Looking Good".I Said And He Shurgged.

"Simon Made Me Cut All My Hair Off,He Said I Would Look More Sophisticated."

"Well Simon Was Right,You Look Great" I Complimented.Just Then My Mum And Dad Came Down The Stairs.

"Oh Sweetheart!" She Yelled Pulling Him Into A Hug."Your So Handsome!".After A Few Seconds She Pulled Away So Dad Could Hug Him.

"Looking Good Son" My Dad Said Pulling Him For A Hug As Well.

"I Try" Louis Smiled.

"Your So Handsome! I Bet Thoes Fans Go Crazy For You Dont They!" My Mum Smiled.

"I Guess,There More Into Harry And Zayn But Its Alright.At Least I Dont Get Attacked As Much."Louis Smiled.He Was Always Sincer,I Loved That About Him.

"So Where Are Your Friends? Wernt They Coming With You?" Mum Asked.

"Uh Yeah,We Took Seperate Cabs Beacuse Zayn brought Too Many Suitcases To Fit In One Cab,But They Should Be Here Any Minute Now".Just Then,The Door Bell Rang And Louis Went To Go open It.When He Opend It I Saw Liam And A Really Cute Guys With Dark Features.Who Im Guessing Was Zayn.Stephanie Was Right,Zayn Is Pretty Hot.When His Hazel Eyes Locked With Mine I Couldnt Help But Look Down,I Could Feel My Ckeeks Getting Red.When I Looked Up Zayn Was Still Staring At Me With A Smile On His Lips.

"Stacy!" Liam Yelled Hugging me Making Laugh And Making me Break Eye Contact With Zayn.

"Nice To See You Too" I Giggled.

"Well Your Looking Beautiful As Ever,New Hair Color?" He Asked.

"Nahh,Still Brunette" I Said.Zayn Cleared His Throat And Liam Broke His Stare.,I Giggled.Liam Was Such A Cutie.

"Oh,This Is Zayn or Vain As We Call Him" Zayn Elbowed Louis And Smiled.He Offered His Hand And I Happily Shook It.

"Im Stacy" I Said.

"So Ive Heard,Liam Wont Shut Up About You"He Said And I Looked Up At Liam Who Was Smiling.

"Oh,And Thats My Mum And Dad" Louis Continued.While ZaynWas Walking Toward Them To Greet Them Liam Attacked My Parents.

"Muuum!,Daaad!" Liam Exploded Making Louis,Zayn And I To Burst Out Laughing.My Mum Just Stood There And Patted His Back Akwardly.

"My God Youve Gotten So Big!" She Smiled.

"So Im Guessing You Guys Are Tired From The Trip,Stacy Why Dont You Show Them To Their Rooms?" My Dad Said.

"Sure,Follow Me" I Said.Liam And Zayn Got Their Suitcases While Louis Stayed Behind Talking With My Parents.We Passed Louis's Room Till We Got To The First Guest Room.The One Where Liam Would Usually Stay At When He Came Over.

"Liam,Youll Be Staying In This Bedroom,But You Already Knew That" I Smiled And He Nodded.

"Ofcource,Im Gonna Start Unpacking" he Said As He Walked In And Put His Suitcase On The Bed.

"And This Is Your Room".I Told Zayn As We Walked In The Other Guest Room.

"This Is Cool" Zayn Said As He Placed His 6 Suitcases On The Bed Eyeballing The Bob Marley Poasters On The Wall.

"Thanks,I Decorated This Room Myself" I Said Proudley.

"And Whats The Theme?" He Asked Bitting His Lower Lip.

"Music" I Responded.

"Ah,Then Its Perfect To me" He Smiled And I Smiled Back.

"And Over Here Is The Bathroom And....Well Yeah Thats Pretty Much It" I Laughed."Anything Else?" I Asked Then I Felt Him Breath By My Neck Making me Shiver.

"Yeah,Wheres Your Room?" He Asked In A Husky Voice.

"Its Down The Hall,Last Door On The Left" I Said.Our Faces Being Nearly Inches Apart.

"I Think Thats All I need" He Smiled Then I Felt His Lips On My Lips.

"Um,Alright,Goodnight Then" I Smiled And Walked Out Of The Room Coseing  The Door Feeling A Little Light Headed."What Just Happend?" I Thought To Myself.

~Next Day~

My Mum Yelled For Us To Go Get Breakfast.But First I Got In The Shower And Changed

I Quickly Addeed Some Eye Liner And Mascara And Shrunched My Hair.Truth Be Told,IW as Really Excited To Spend Some Time With the Guys.I Havnt Seen My Brother In A Long Time And Liams Dorkieness Was All I Needed,Then There Was Zayn.He Looked So Mysteriouse,I Wanted To Get To Know Him More.I Plan To.

Mum Was In The Kitchen Cooking Pancakes,Eggs,And Bacon While Dad Was Sitting Reading His Newspaper And Sipping Some Coffee.

"Morning Huh" My Mum Said As I Went To Kiss Her Cheek.

"Morning Mum" I Said.

"Morning Baby Girl" My Dad Said As I Went To Kiss His Cheek.

"Morning Dad" I Said.

"Hun,Do You Mind Getting The Boys?" My Mum Asked.

"On It" I Nodded.I First Made My Way To Liams Room Beacuse I Knew He Would Be Excided For Bacon.I Tip Toed To His Bed And Starded Jumping Waking Him Up.

"Aaahhh! Im Up! Im Up!".He Shouted And  As He Got Up Doing Some Weird Ninja Movment.

"Breakfast Is Ready!" I Announced Still Laughing At His Reaction.

"Come Here Brat" Liam Said As He Got A Pillow And Starded Hitting Me With It.

"Bacon! Theres Bacon Downstairs!" I Yelled And He Literally Ran Out The Door In 2.5 Seconds Leaving A Trail Of Dust.Then I Made My Way To Louis's Room.Just When I Was About To Knock On His Door He Opend It Looking Dashing As Always.

"Woah,Since When Do You Get Up Early?".I Smiled.

"Since Simon Made Us Get Up Early For Morning Interviews" He Smiled Back.

"Alright" I Laughed. "Well Breakfast Is Downstairs,Im Gonna Go Wake Up Your Friend".I Said.

"Ha!,Good Luck With That!" He Laughed Making His Way Downstairs.

"What Did He Mean?" I Thought To My Slef Walking To Zayn's Room.I Walked In And Saw A Figure Coverd Under The Blankets.I Tip Toed Over And Opend The Shades To Give The Room Some Light.

"Um,Zayn,Breakfast Is Ready Downstairs".I Said In A Quiet Voice But His Eyelids Remained Closed."Zayn..." I Whisperd A Little Louder And Poked His Arm.Then I Heared Him Mumble.


Who The Heck Is Perrie?.

"Zayn!!!!!" I Yelled And Laughed At His Face Expresion.He Looked Scared."Goodmorning" I Said Quietly.

"Woah,Are You An Angel?" He Said In That Sexy British Accsent Of His.

"Nope,Just Me,You Know Louis's Little Sister" I Smiled.

"My Point Exactly,An Angel" I Blushed At The Compliment.

"Uh,Have You Seen My Phone?" He Asked Scratching The Back Of His Head.

"Nope,Just Came To Wake You Up".I Said As He Rolled Over At The Point Where He Was Hovering Over Me.

"Well That Was Nice Of You To Do" He Said And I Felt A Slight Chill Run Down My Spine And Gave Him A Shy Smile.

"Yeah,And Breakfast Is Downstairs". I Said Akwardly.

"Ill Be Down In A Minute".He Said Showing His Perfect Teeth And I Got Up And Walked Downstairs.

"So What Are We Doing Today?".Louis Asked.

"Well,I Was Thinking You And Your Sister Could Show Liam And Zayn How Salty Our Beach Is".My Mum Said As She Took A Slip Of Her Coffee.

"Good Idea" My Dad Said. "Do You Guys Know How To Swim?" He Asked.

"I Took A Few Lessons Down At The UK" Zayn Said.

"I Dont,So Ill Just Stay Close To The Shore" Liam Laughed.My Mum And Dad Left For Work A Few Minutes Later So I Decided To Make Some Sanwiched For The Beach.

"You Guys Wanna Help Make Sandwiches?" I Asked.I Could Tell They Went Paying Attention To Me.

"Uh,Purple".I Rolled My Eyes Beacuse I Knew I Shouldnt Of Asked.I Walked To The Kitchen To Make Some Sandwiches Then I Felt A Warm Hand On My Waist And I Turned To See...

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