My Valentine's Day Goes Awry

Ceili is just trying to have a somewhat normal Valentine's Day with her boyfriend, Niall Horan. But will it end perfectly?


1. My Valentine's Day Goes Awry

Niall and I saw each other a few more times while he was in America, but a few days into Febuary, he had to go home again. This really, really upset him because he wanted to be here for Valentine's Day. He said that he wanted to have a nice romantic dinner. I tried to calm him down.
" It's okay, Niall. Really."
" No it isn't. That's what all other normal couples do!"
" We aren't exactly normal, are we Niall?"
At this, he gave a begrudging smile and put his head on my shoulder.
" Well, yeah. But the other guys with girlfriends get to spend Valentine's Day with them. And I can't spend it with you."
" I'll Skype you that evening."
" It won't be the same."
" I know it won't be the same, but we'll make the best of it. I'll light some candles, play romantic music, and enjoy dinner over a laptop screen."
He grinned and hugged me.
" You're the best, you know that? The very best."
" You see? We'll figure it out."

So Valentine's Day dawned clear and cold. I was all set for my cyber date with Niall, but then my friends threw a wrench into those plans. . They just showed up at my door, saying they wanted to hang out.

Now, I do love my friends friends dearly. . They are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Michelle+Bethany+Juliet= Happy Ceili. But tonight I just wanted to be alone with, well, my computer.

But they were so earnest, so I let them in. They ambled into the house and flopped down on the couches as if it was their own home. Which, in a way, it was. I got us some snacks and then ran to the bathroom with the phone, desperate to call Niall and tell him to forget Skyping tonight. Because, if there is one thing about my friends, they are obsessed with One Direction. Video-chatting with one of them would not end well.

The phone went to voicemail and I swore under my breath. I left a hurried message, saying,
"Niall, don't Skype tonight. Don't ask why. Just please don't."
I could only hope he got the message.

No such luck. Halfway through the movie " He's Just Not That Into You." my laptop beeped. I glanced at it and stifled a groan. Niall was calling me. I just ignored it, trying to also ignore my guilty conscience. But he was persistent. He called again. And again. On the fifth time, Bethany looked up at the computer.
" Who's calling you, Ceili?"
She looked at the caller ID and get eyes widened.
" NIALL'S CALLING!" she screamed, running towards the laptop. I lunged forward and snatched it up just in time, clasping it to my chest.
" No! We are not Skyping him!"
" Why not?" Juliet asked,getting up.
" It'd be fun."
" Yeah. I say we do it." Michelle said.
" Well, I have the computer, so we're not." I said.
My friends all glanced at each other and nodded. And I shut my eyes. Because all three of them know my one weakness.
Literally four seconds later, the laptop was gone from my hands and being opened.
" Okay, guys, if we're going to talk to him. I want to hold the laptop." I said, taking it back.
I clicked on Niall's picture and waited for him to pick up. He answered on the first ring, and then his face filled the screen.
" Hey baby." he said, grinning.
My eyes widened and then I inwardly sighed. He didnt just call me baby.
" BABY!!!" my friends screamed, clutching each others hands for support.
Niall raised an eyebrow and I smiled, shrugging.
" Niall, these are my friends."
" Ceili, if they're your friends, that makes them my friends too."
Cue more screams.

After half an hour of this, I snuck into the bathroom with the laptop and locked the door.
" Oh, thank God." I breathed, sitting on the floor and balancing my laptop on my knees.
" What? They're really nice." Niall said with a grin.
" Yeah, I know they are. It's just-"
" You wanted it just to be you and me?" Niall finished.
I nodded and he smiled gently.
" Well, we're alone now."
" And I'm locked in my bathroom."
Niall laughed and then his eyes softened.
" God, I wish I could kiss you right now."
I smiled and blew him a kiss.
" Catch it if you can."
" Ceili, do you know who I think of when I'm surrounded by screaming fans?"
" Who?"
" I think of you."
" To avoid yourself from being tempted?" I teased.
" To reassure myself that once this madness is all over, at the end of the day, I'll still have you."
Tears sprang to my eyes and I blinked rapidly to stop them.
" Hey, hey, are you alright ?"
" Yes-that was just so sweet!"
" You deserve sweet. You deserve so much more than sweet."
Somebody knocked on the door and I sighed.
" Good night, Niall."
" Good night, Ceili."

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