To Untame the Wolf

Remus Lupin, a peculiar fellow, captures the interest of his best friend, Sirius Black. The mystery, the untold secrets of an apparently average young boy reveal themselves to be more disturbing, and more entrancing than Sirius or any of the Marauders could ever imagine.
Sirius Black/Remus Lupin
Characters are not of my own creation, all credit goes to J.K. Rowling. Unaffiliated with any publishing companies, movie production companies, etc...


1. Prologue



There were many things that Remus Lupin knew. 

He knew that he was unnatural; that his own beastly existence was a monstrosity. 

He knew that his condition was unacceptable, even to himself. 

He knew that his parents didn’t approve of what he was, though being their son, they were forced to live with the disappointments being him had brought. 

He knew that he hated himself for it, and he knew he couldn’t control it. 

One thing he didn’t, and probably wouldn’t ever know was the feeling of normality, or at least being different for the right reasons.  Even before tragedy struck the Lupin family, Remus was raised in quite the secluded atmosphere.  He never had friends, because he wasn’t allowed out to play with the other children; something he desired to an unimaginable extent.  Reason being, his mother thought that children his age would corrupt their son with words spread like a contagious disease by their potentially irresponsible parents, or ways observed by the other children.  It was his mother’s theory that wiping out bad habits before they emerged was the practical approach at raising the brilliant child.  It never occurred to her that exposing her son to certain things would build his strength; that it would make him better in character.  But practicality obscured, overlapped, and embedded any thought of strength, love, and companionship.  The depravity of such feelings only increased the need over a series of years. 

At first he thought it was normal, because he had yet to be introduced to love.  Love came to him only when he boarded the scarlet steam engine to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where love and companionship could be seen everywhere.  It overwhelmed him, and he secluded himself once again, avoiding love, who seemed to be following him, located at every turn and corner, but didn’t quite make its acquaintance.  Love wasn’t his enemy, but his fear, and something he wasn’t quite sure he was ready to embrace.  Something forced him to shake hands with love though.  Someone rather.  That someone being the one and only Sirius Black. 

Art for this chapter:

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