February 14th

A one shot for the One Direction competition. This Chapter was actually made for my first Movella called, "If Only I Knew" and I thought it would be perfect for this competition! Hope you like it!! xx (Please favourite and like!!)


1. February 14th


I slid my hand over to Niall's side of the bed to cuddle in his arms, but no one was there. My eyes opened a bit and I looked over beside me, Niall was gone, but there was a single rose and a note attached to it,

"Good morning my love! I'm going to be out for the day, I've got a few errands to run. Remember our date at Nando's 7pm sharp!! Happy Valentines Day babe. Love, Your Leprechaun."

I couldn't help but smile as I read the note, then I put the note down and smelt the rose. I loved the smell of roses. It was Valentines Day and  for my present to him, I made a huge scrapbook filled with photos of us from the past 3 years. Hopefully, he likes it, it took me a while to make this. I wrapped it up in wrapping tissue and put it in a red bag. Then I went to freshen up. I got out of the shower, and I dried my hair, then I turned on my straightener and went into my closet to pick what to wear. 

I pulled out a black strapless, flowy dress and a pair of white high heels. I laid it on the bed, and it seem like it matched. I went back to the straightener and curled my hair with it. After I finished curling my hair, I looked at the clock and it was only 1pm. So, I decided to kill some time by watching a few horror movies. 

**5 Hours Later

After watching Scream trilogy and 2 of the Saw movies and eating a small sandwich, I got tired sitting on my arse. I had about a hour to kill. So, I went up stairs and got out some nail polish. I took out a red nail polish, that I thought looked nice with my skin tone. I put on some base coat, then the red. Then I waited for it to dry. 

6:35pm. It took me about 20 minutes to get to Nando's, so I put on my dress and grabbed my purse and the present. I put on my white high heels and walked out of the house. I got into my car and started to drive.

*25 Minutes Later

I arrived at Nando's and the parking lot was empty. Was it closed? I looked around but then I saw Niall's car, so it must of been open. It was weird though, Nando's was never empty. I got out of the car and grabbed the things. Then I walked in and saw Niall sitting down in a tuxedo at the center table. He turned around with a massive smile and stood up walking towards me with a bouquet of more roses.

"Hello beautiful, you made it! How was your day?" He asked as he pulled me in by the waist and pressed his soft lips against mine. Niall always knew how to swoon me. He took a small step back to make the bouquet of roses fit between us.

"It was boring, I didn't really do much today. I just sat at home and watched movies! Thank you for the roses! I love it!" I added as we sat down at the table. "So, what did you do all day?" I asked in curiosity.

"Oh um, I had make a few calls and pick up a few things, like your present!" He replied smiling. I smiled back and then a waiter came to our table.

"Good evening, my name is Jessica and I will be your server for tonight." She said as she put 2 glasses down and poured us some fine champagne. "This champagne and your meals is on the house, greetings from our boss." She added. 

"Oh my! Thank you! That's wonderful!" I replied in excitement. It was probably because we eat here a lot. The waitress smiled and left the bottle on the table and left. I looked around and it was completely empty. "Niall...do you know why it's so empty in here?" I asked, tilting my head. He looked at me and then looked down with a small smirk.

"Oh, well, to be honest, I reserved the whole resturant because I wanted it to be just you and I." He smiled as he reached over the table to hold my hand. I looked down, as my face blushed. No one has ever done that for me before. 

"Awee, Nialler, that's so sweet of you!" I replied, smiling. He smiled back as the waitress came back with some peri-peri chicken.

"Thank you!" Niall said, as she put the plates down. She nodded and smiled as she walked away.

"I'm starving!" I said. Niall nodded his head in agreement as we both dug into our meals.

**20 Minutes Later

After the meal, I wiped my hands and mouth with a wet napkin. The waitress took our plates away. I raised my glass up to Niall and he raised his glass too.

"Happy Valentines Day babe!" 

"Happy Valentines Day beautiful." Niall replied as he stared at me with his clear blue eyes. I smiled back and we both took a sip out of the champagne, it was refreshing. The champagne must of cost a lot of money because it tasted amazing. 

"Oh, I made you a present!" I said excitingly as I took the bag and put it on the table. He smiled at me and then took the book out. His eyes widened on how big the book was, he flipped through the pages, laughed and smiled at all the pictures. Then he looked at me, got up and walked beside me, he raised my chin up with his hand and kissed me passionatly. I swear every time he kissed me, I would feel the exact same strong spark as I would for the first kiss. 

"Thank you babe, I love it." He whispered. I smiled at the fact that he loved it. Then the waitress came out and laid down a small cheesecake on the table. Then she walked away. I looked at the cheese cake and there was a message on it.

"Will You Marry Me?" My eyes widened as I read the message. My heart started to beat faster. I looked over at Niall and he was on one knee, holding a diamond ring.

"Cindy, we've been best friends since birth and we've been together for 3 years. And I can't think of anyone else that I would want to spend the rest of my life with other than you. So, Cindy Mai, will you marry me?" He asked as he smiled at me. I could feel tears of joy forming into my eyes, I was speechless. I wasn't expecting this at all. I kept on nodding, trying to speak but I was just so overwhelmed. 

"YES!" I finally managed to say, smiling. His smile widened so big, I've never seen him smiled that big before. I got up as he got up and I wrapped my arms around his neck hugging him tightly as he lifted me up and twirled me around. As he put me down, he moved a piece of my hair away from my face and brushed my cheek.

"I love you with all my heart." He said softly as he grabbed my hand and slid the ring on my finger. It fitted perfectly. He grabbed my waist and pressed his lips on my forehead.

"I love you too, Niall. Always." I replied back smiling, then he pressed his lips to mine for a long memorable kiss. I could hear all the waiters and waitresses in the background clapping as we pulled away. One of the waitresses was taking pictures of this moment. I'm glad she did. Niall wrapped one arm around my waist as I did the same.

 As I tilted my head up to look at him, I noticed his eyes were getting watery as he looked down. 

"What's wrong babe?" I asked. He turned his head to me and stared in my eyes as he shook his head, grinning.

"Nothing babe, I just realized that i'm the luckiest lad on earth that will soon be married to the love of his life." He replied, as he grabbed my free hand, and pressed a kiss on the back of my hand.

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