The secret

The three siblings Donna on 16, Rianne on 14 and Stain of 11 years live with their mother on a smallholding in a cherry orchard. An ice-cold January morning is the mother lying dead on the kitchen floor. In her hand she 4 billettet to Barbados. The children decide to keep the death secret and put her in the pantry, which is really cool. But it is challenging to keep up appearances when friends, boyfriends, neighbors Flejnert and the big society always comes to mind. The 3 children also finds out that the mother had a lot of secrets and some might suggest that her chaotic and love-filled life as a Danish pop singer, cherry grower and a housewife was not the whole truth.


1. Prolog.

I vores familie er vi tæt på hinanden. I vores familie har vi passer sammen. Vi fortæller hinanden alt faktisk. I vores familie er det moderen, der får det til at køre. Så hvad har vi brug for en far? Hvordan nogen skulle dø eller gå i fængsel. Vi ærligt temmelig god i vores hus. Og vi vil aldrig være noget andet.

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