Pale Blue Eyes

Cara's just your average 19 year old girl- Irish, 19 year old girl to be exact. She's lived in Belfast all her life, until one day, she receives tragic news of her grandmother's passing over in Dublin, Mullingar. Moving houses is always hard... Moving cities is even harder. But the real worry is, will Cara cope with all this change?


1. The News

Cara’s POV.

“Life is without meaning. You bring the meaning to it. The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. Being alive is the meaning.” – Joseph Campbell

“Cara sweetheart. Come downstairs please?” My mum asked, standing at the doorway with tears in her eyes.

“Sure mum.” I sniffled, slowly shuffling off my bed to walk downstairs with her. “What’s this about?” I asked once we were in the living room. It was just me in the family. I had no siblings, nor did I have any cousins. I did have an uncle though, and he was one of the best uncle’s ever. Well, being 28 and all.

“Your grandfather has asked us to go move over to where he is… He needs the comfort, love. And I know he can get it from you. You and your mother are the closest thing he has left to your grandmother and I think it would only be fair to fulfill his wishes.” Dad told me, his eyes not meeting mine.

“What about school?” I questioned, wondering what on earth was running through his mind at this moment, “What about my friends? And Uncle Hunter?” My voice had slowly started to crack as I continued to stare at my dad in disbelief. “What about my life?” I whispered, mostly to myself.

“They have great schools in Mullingar baby girl, and you can always make new friends. Uncle Hunter will be moving with us, so there’s no need to worry about him.” He answered, running his fingers through his brown hair, much like mine.

I was a spitting image of my dad. Same hair, same eyes, same built. Though, I had inherited my mother’s personality. Kind, warmhearted, a little naive, funny, shy at times, but I could be crazy if I’ve known you for long enough, and we were close.

“I-I don’t know dad… When are we supposedly leaving?” I didn’t want to leave. I never dreamed of leaving Belfast, especially not this early. But I feel bad for my granddad… Grandma was all he had when he moved to Mullingar. Now that she’s gone… He has nothing.

“In two weeks.” He mumbled, loud enough for me to hear. Mum had been sitting on the couch, quietly listening. I knew she was as bummed about leaving as I was, but this was her dad we were talking about. Her dad. The funeral’s in two weeks too… Which meant that we would be moving, and mourning at the same time.

I sighed at my own thoughts, annoyed at how indecisive I was. But grandpa needs us, and I wasn’t going to let him down. “Fine.” I breathed, looking between my mum and dad. Their heads shot up and a soft smile appeared upon both their features. “I miss grandpa anyways.” I tried my best to smile, giving my mum and dad both hugs before going back to my room.

How was I going to tell this to Alana? How was she going to handle the news that her best friend was to move miles away, for god knows how long? She’d be crushed. But at least she would have Regan. They were always the better pair anyway.

I hesitantly grabbed my phone, scrolling down my contacts until my eyes spotted the one person I was dreading to call. ‘Alana’. It rung a few times until I finally heard her sweet voice through the phone.

“Alana…” I was just about ready to break down crying.

“Cara? What is it? Are you alright?” She sounded panicked, concerned, and surprised all at the same time. “Wait- you’re not-“ She already knew the news I was about to give, so I let out a sob before she could finish guessing.

“I’m so sorry Lana! I don’t want to leave. But I have to… For grandpa!” I cried, the tears were rolling down violently now. She softly shushed me soothingly, though I could almost hear the tears building in her eyes too.

“I’m coming over alright?” I nodded, but then realized she couldn’t see me.

“Yes please.” I whimpered and ended the call, grabbing my pillow and crying harshly into it. I didn’t want to leave Belfast. I had so many friends here, so much history. Was I really ready to leave it all behind?

Around five minutes had passed before I heard the front door open and close, then running footsteps coming towards my bedroom. “Cara?” A voice called before Lana’s head appeared in the doorway. “Oh Cara!” Her voice cracked and we were soon on the ground, crying into each other’s arms.

“I don’t want to leave Lana.” I continued to wail, though it was soft, and almost like a whisper. I felt Alana shake her head, kissing the top of mine.

“Don’t say that love! Your grandfather needs you. Now, more than ever… You can’t just leave him to stay alone in Mullingar. I’ll miss you so much though.” Lana cooed, hugging tighter onto me. I continued to cry into her shoulder, breathing in the scent of her victoria’s secret perfume.

“Promise to come v-visit me in M-mullingar.” I hiccupped whilst Alana continued to try and soothe me. “Please promise me.”

“Of course I will. Of course.” She told me, smoothing down my hair. Tears were falling down her face too, but she was always better at keeping herself composed whilst she cried. “But you have to come and visit Regan and I over here too alright?”

I nodded my head, then slowly pulled away from her. We wiped our tears away whilst trying our best to smile. “When are you leaving?” She asked, standing up and reaching her hand out to help me up too. I grabbed it and used all my might to stand straight, hoping that I wouldn’t fall.

“In two weeks.” I muttered sadly and walked over to my bed. “Would you help me pack? Then stay over for the next two weeks?” I begged, dropping myself onto my soft duvet. She thought for a moment whilst I eyed my picture collage on the wall.

“Of course. We have the next two weeks off school anyway.” She smiled, and come to lie next to me. The collage consisted of pictures of Lana and I since we were small. There were only a few that included Regan, but that was only because she had only moved here last year.

Alana was quite the exquisite girl. She was a blonde with blue eyes, always bubbly, always charming. Her height was about the same as mine, so when we hugged, it was pretty comfortable. Lana had a cute Scottish accent, since her dad is from Scotland, but her mum is from here.

Then there was Regan. She had brown hair like me, but hers was darker, just like her eyes. Hers had always contrasted with Lana and I’s blue and green eyes, but her personality was definitely one for the win. She was hyper all the time, always talking, always joking around. But that’s what I loved about her, because she had never been afraid to be who she was.

These two girls were absolutely gorgeous compared to me. I looked like a duck… No joke. People would always tell me about how blind I am to not see how pretty I am. I mean, do you see me walking around with a blind stick?

But then again, I never know because like I said, I had inherited my mum’s naive trait, so even if I told you I was the most ugliest troll on the plant earth itself, no one would take me seriously. “I guess I should call Regan over so you can tell her the news?” It was more of a question than a suggestion, but I just nodded anyway, signaling her to call.

Within minutes, Regan came bursting through the door with red eyes and wet cheeks. “Jesus you must be joking!” She sobbed running over to me and engulfing me in a tight hug. I felt really bad again, and started crying, Alana soon joining our little crying fest.

“I’m going to miss you Regan.” I told her sincerely, even though I had just met her a year ago. “I’m never going to forget you guys.” I mumbled hugging onto them tighter.

“We’re going to miss you too Cara. And we’re going to visit you whenever we can!” Regan managed to say, slowly pulling out of the hug. “Please tell me you’re not leaving tomorrow?” She pleaded, hoping to get the answer she wanted.

“Of course not. I’m leaving in two weeks. So if you girls could be my room mates for then next 14 day or so, that would be great.” I mumbled, sarcasm enlacing my words. We all let out soft giggles before my mum entered the room, bearing a stack of folded boxes.

“Oh hello girls.” She smiled warmly, she was just as reluctant to leave as I was… “Love, I just came to pass you these… Your father had insisted on me bringing them to you immediately.” She chuckled, though her eyes gleamed of adoration for my dad. How I wish I could have what they have. “Maybe you girls could help Cara pack?” She suggested, placing the boxes by the door.

“Sure Mrs. McCarthy.” Lana and Regan smiled small, nodding a little. Mum smiled then waved, before walking back downstairs to, where I’m guessing, my dad. “Should we start now?” Regan asked, slightly unsure. I glanced at Alana and she just smiled small, nodding her head. None of us were very thrilled about me leaving, but I suppose I didn’t really have a choice.

“Oh and by the way, we’ll both be your roommates for the next 14 days.” Regan winked, trying to lighten the mood. Well, I guess it worked. We assigned each other to one thing. I took it upon myself to take down the collage and pack my cd stuff, whilst Alana packed all my posters and jewelry, leaving Regan to pack my books and stationary from my desk.

I gently pulled at the pictures, taking them off the walls with ease. I stuck them onto a large piece of plastic, making it easier for me to put them up once we reached Mullingar. It took me about an hour to take down all the pictures. You can just imagine how many there are. It was finally time to take down the last picture.

Picking it up in my hands, a smile slowly crawled onto my face as I remembered that very day.

“Lana! Put me down!” I squealed as Alana continued to run towards the sea with me on her back. “Jeez Lana it looks cold!” She ignored me and continued charging towards the water as though her life depended on it.

“Well I guess we’ll have to find out!” She chuckled evilly before dunking me into the water. Thank god I was only wearing my bikini. If she had soaked my shorts and tee I would have slaughtered her. I emerged from the water, but not before I grabbed onto Lana’s ankle and yanked her down.

“Not so funny now is it?” I grinned down at the soaking Alana who just glared playfully at me. “COME ON REGAN! THE WATER’S AMAZING!” I called out to her as she lay in the sun, most probably tanning. “We come to the beach for the first time in ages, and she decides to sunbathe instead of actually coming into the water.” I muttered under my breath, earning me a giggle from Alana.

Alana gave me a look, which made me cackle a little. “I like what you’re thinking.” I winked before quietly making my way out to shore. Regan hadn’t seemed to notice me creeping up towards her, so I took this opportunity to throw her over my shoulder. She started to scream and kick, having an absolute fit on my back.

“Don’t say we didn’t try to get you in the easy way.” Alana chortled, giving me a nod of approval to dunk her in.

“Ready Regan?” I asked her rhetorically, not caring what her answer was to be. Before she could scream out a no, I let go of her legs causing her to go head first into the water. Let’s just say she wasn’t too happy that her Jimmy Choo sunglasses were soaked in the water with her.

We had taken the picture after we got out of the water. That was why Regan’s face was a little sulky as she tried to put on a fake smiling face. “It’s been a while since I thought about that day on the beach.” Regan’s voice startled me as my head whipped round to see her smiling delicately. “I still hate you for ruining my Jimmy Choo sunglasses.” She joked, sitting down next to me.

“You were being stubborn.” I shrugged smiling, leaning into Regan’s side. Her body shook with laughter before she got up to continue packing my books. After writing on the box in big caps, “COLLAGE PICTURES” I went over to start packing up my movies, cds, dvds, and video games. We had decided that packing my clothes would be more appropriate to do on the second last day I was here.

That was in 12 days. I can’t even begin to process the fact that I’m leaving. God even the word made me squirm.

By the time we were done packing, we decided it was time to sleep. Regan and Alana decided to go home and pack some stuff, then come back in the morning. They were such great friends, I can’t even come to explain how lucky I feel to have them in my life.

I changed into my pjs, and then crawled under my covers, turning off my bedside lamp in the process. I’m going to miss Belfast like crazy.

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