Their Game

Meet Anna. Anna Is A Sophmore in Highschool. She's what you would refer her to as the "Good Girl" of the school with tons of friends. Then there's Wesley. Wesley Stromberg is the jock and also a Senior in highschool. The school they go to has tons of mixed classes so 90% of their classes they have together. Wesley is known for being the player and the bad boy. He feel hard for Anna as soon as he laid eyes on her, but he never shown it. What happens when Anna and Wesley make a bet to see who falls for who first. In this process of trying to get each other to say those three little words with eight letter, Wesley tries to turn Anna into a bad girl. In this story of their little game you will see love, hate, heartbreak, rumors, payback, secrets, broken friendships, fights, and most inportantly, effection. Wesley finds out that Blair recently got dumped by her boyfriend whos made her feel like nothing, abused and raped her. He also tries to help her rid of all the nightmares in her head.


1. The Next Morning (Warning: Sexual Content and Langage Invovled)

Please Note: This story will take place the day after they have made the bet. Also, there will be texted and writted convos between the characters so I'll uses their first letter of their first name for a written one and texted will be whatever their name is in the other persons phone.


Chapter 1

Anna's P.O.V

I walked in early that thrusday morning, dreading to go because there I would be faced by the music loving and snapback wearing boy. I slowly got out of bed and made my way to my bathroom to take a shower. I slowly stripped down and stepped in, feeling the hot water drip down my cool skin from the box fan that sat on my nightstand. I felt as if the water was washing away all my insecurities and past. All my past loves, heartbreaks, abuse, hurt, and exes.

When I finished I quickly got out and got dressed once I shaved my legs, underarms, and my personal area. I put on some  blue jean shorts, red flip flops, a black shirt with the words "Love is louder" in red glitter and my dark blue north face. I applied some lotion to my legs to make them smoother and some deodorant and sprit some perfume on before applying some light make-up and grabbing my backpack and grabbing my purse and my keys the walking out and driving to school. I sighed at the point and drove off.

When I got to school I was greeted by a pair of strong arms and a voice whispering in my ear.

"So you finally decided to show up, huh?" I fel him nibble on my earlobe softly and slowly slide his right hand up my thigh while his left hand when up my shirt slightly. I growled and spatted his hands away.

"Yes, Stromberg I did show up, or show I say manwhore?" I said with a soft smirk knowing his friends and little bandmates wasn't far away. I felt his hands squeeze and my eyes slightly widened, causing me to quickly turned around and slapping him in the face. I heard him chuckle slightly and I rolled my eyes slightly and grabbed my books before walking off.

I ended up walking past the group of morons and I glared at them when I heard a bunch of whisles and ohhs. Then I heard the his older bandmate , Drew , make a smartass remark about me and my butt, causing me to walk up to him and grab him by the collar. I slowly pulled him towards me as if i was going to kiss him. Just as I got him close enough, our noses brushed up against each others, I made my move and swiftly lifted my knee right in between his legs hard and whispered in his ear, "Never say that about me again, Chadwick." I said before walking to my Algebra class.

I sat down in my seat at the very back of the class, Wesley on my right and Drew on my other, which pissed me off because I was stuck between a bunch of jackasses. We were stuck in our first period since the lights were out all day. I was currently playing temple run two on my iPhone 4s when I saw a folded up piece of paper slide on my desk from my right and rolled my eyes.

W= Wesley / A= Anna

W: What's Up Shorty?;)

I rolled my eyes at the word "shorty" because i'm not short, but compared to him I was, I then wrote back.

A: NEVER Call me short!

W: One, I never called you short, Two, I said Shorty and Three, Never say Never Babygirl;)

A: Whatever Stromberg :/

W: Haha! If you crack sooner then in about a few weeks you'll be screamimg my name;)

A: Not even in your dreams pervert!

W: Text me so we don't get caught ;) 555-3686(Fake number BTW)

I quickly added the number and texted him.

 My Little Game;)= Wesley / Wes =Anna (Since this is texted the names are the opposite since thats who it's being sent erto)

My Little Game;): Haha!!! See I told you this is easier:P

Wes: Shut up...!

My Little Game;): Make Me;)

I then shoved my phone in my jacket pocket and waited for the day to be over with.

A few hours later I was at my locket and putting my stuff up to go back to first when I heard a low voice behing me.

"Why don't we skip school and go back to my place for a little make-out session?" Wesley said with a smirk. Another part of the bet was that we could kiss and act like a couple or whatever, but whoever said those three little letters with those eight little letters loses. I simple shook my head and turned to him,

"We can go to your place, but no making out." I said and he let out a throaty groan, causing me to giggle softly and peck his lips gently. I was a small smile and he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my soft. Never once etting rough with it.

I smiled and pulled away slowly and took him hand in mine. Thats another thing about him, he may be a major pervert at times and rude and everything else, but he also has this sweet, caring, romantic, and protective side to him that I don't think anyone else has ever seen. He kissed my cheek gently before walking me to the office and said I had a "stomach ache" so he was taking me home then lead me to his car. I got in and we drive off.

Once we got to his house, he lead me upstairs to his room and laid me on the bed. I smiled softly and he turned on a box fan he had by his bed, he then changed into some sweatpants and no shirt then tossed me one of his shirts to put on. I then walked into his bathroom and washed the make-up off and put the shirt on, putting my hair in a messy bun. I then walked into his room and laid on the side with the fan and snuggled up to him.

I felt really tired and he wrapped his strong arms around me, pulling me closer to his chest. I groaned softly when I felt my stomach cramp. He then went to the kitchen and got me some chocolate, a bowl full of ice, cold water and a rag to put on my face to keep me cool since I was running a slight fever, and some water for me to drink. When he returned he handed me the chocolate and sat the water and bowl on the nightstand beginh the fan and placed the rag on my forehead. He then laid behind me and cuddled me again, gently rubbing my stomach to try and stop the pain.

Maybe he wasn't as bad as I thought...,but   i'm not caving anytime soon.

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