Our Little Family (Sequel To My Brothers Friend ~ A Niall Horan Love Story)

This is the sequel to; My Brothers Friend ~ A Niall Horan Love Story <~ Read that first please. Still the same characters. Like, fav, comment<3(:


1. My Baby

-Lily's P.O.V- It's been a week since I went into labour. I haven't had much sleep, and neither has Niall. The boys help us alot, but still I get up whenever I hear Carly cry. Even though I haven't slept much, I'm still really happy that I have Carly. She has the personality of Niall. She is ALWAYS hungry. But she doesn't sleep alot. Eleanor, Louis, Harry and Zayn love Carly the most. Well, except for me and Niall. "Lily, Carly is awake" I hear Harry yell down the hall. "Okay" I yell back. I walk down the hall and into Carly's nursery and see Harry holding Carly and singing to her. "You are the best Harry, thanks for helping me and Niall with Carly" I say to him as I take Carly from him. He smiles and hugs me then walks out. "You know, your mummy's little angel" I whisper as I kiss Carly's little head. She is everything to me and Niall. I walk out and go into the den to see all the boys and Eleanor sitting on the couch. "Where's my little Carly?" I hear El ask. I hand Carly to Eleanor and sit down. El and Lou are the god parents. Louis and Eleanor sit there and play with Carly. They babysit her alot so me and Niall can take a break every now and then. "Uncle Boobear loves you" Louis says as he gently rocks Carly to sleep in his arms. "Me and Niall will be back in a little bit, okay guys?" I say as I stand up and pull Niall up with me. They all nod. I smirk as me and Niall walk down the hall. We get into our room and I playfully grab him by his shirt collar and pull his body close to mine. He smiles and kisses me. This is the first time we have been able to kiss like this since Carly was born. We kiss for a couple minutes then I pull away. "I love you" He whispers to me. "I love you too, now let's go see what they're doing with Carly" I say as I turn around and start to walk out. We go back into the den and everyone is playing with Carly on the floor. I smile. I'm glad that everyone is bonding with Carly.
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