Forever and Always

Rory. she's 21 and has a dream, but she finds someone who changes her status to taken. will she follow her dream or choose him? (*One Direction Fan-fic*)


1. important

right I know this book is really sucky and I just wanted to let you guys to know................... I am going to re-write this book and make it longer and better because this book was my very first book, I have gotten better at writing in the last 2 years, yeah I know. but it will take a while though cause I just started secondary and I have been getting tonnnnsssss of homework mehhhh well it isn't that much but still, and I have just beennnn soooooooo busy and I haven't updated on a lot of my books, I only have 4 but still, emmmm yeah I will try to update all of my books soon, and can I just say I am not really at fast typing, but still quite fast and it takes forever for me to type out chapters that's how they are normally quite short, just saying !!! xxx

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