Nobody Compares (Niall Horan fan fiction)

Liz moves to Mullingar, Ireland after her parents' divorce. It's just her and her dad, who's constantly at work so her neighbor, Maura, decides Liz needs some looking after. Things start to feel pretty normal, just like her life back home, until Maura's son Niall comes home.


1. Just arrived

Liz's P.O.V.

We're just settling into our new house in Mullingar, Ireland. I should be happy, but as I unpacked the last box, I made the mistake of pausing to think of what had brought me here. My parents had just gotten a divorce when my Dad announced his promotion, one that required the big move from America to Ireland. I chose to stay with my Dad, leaving behind my mom, my three siblings, and what few friends I did have. But I didn't mind, I had told everyone, my Dad needed me and I was finally getting out of that small town. I got on with him a lot better anyway. There was a sudden knock at the door, pulling me from my thoughts. I opened the door to find a short blonde woman with a plate of brownies that looked to die for. She had a sort of warm look to her, like someone you could trust. 

"Hello, may I help you?"  I greeted her.

"Hello deary, my name's Maura. I live just next door, thought I'd come to introduce myself. Are your parents around?"

 "No, my Dad's at work but you're welcome to come in if you'd like? I'm Elizabeth by the way, you can call me Liz."

She came inside and I cleared a space at the breakfast bar for us to sit and chat. "Here, have a brownie love. You don't sound like you're from anywhere near, where are you from?" she started. 

"I'm from America, just a small town in Pennsylvania."

"That's a long way away, what brings you to Ireland?"

"My parent's just got divorced and my Dad got promoted, I came here to look after him."

"Oh I'm sorry to hear that, do you have any brothers or sisters?"

"I have an older sister, Marie, a younger sister, Caroline, and a younger brother, Kaden. Caroline and Kaden still live with my mom back home."

"It must have been hard leaving them. My husband and I got divorced. We have two kids. Greg, he's 24, lives with his girlfriend not too far from here, and Niall, he's 19, he ran off to London with his band mates."

We talked for almost three hours straight, she asked me all about my life at home and I asked her all about her life here. I felt like I could trust her, she was already starting to seem like a second mom.  


Maura's P.O.V.


  I completely lost track of time, chatting away. What a lovely girl she is. And she's very pretty too, my Niall would like her for sure. It's such a shame she's here, almost on her own though. No mother or siblings to keep her company, her father working all the time. 

"I could use some help around the house, you know, and some more girl talk, yeah? Once you get settled in you should come over." I couldn't help but ask as I left, a young girl like her needed someone to look after her.

"Yeah, I'd love that. And thank you for the brownies again, Maura." She said, as I walked out the door.  


*I'm sorry my chapters will probably be a little short. This is my first fan fiction so PLEASE comment, I need some criticism. Just try not to be too mean. XX*

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