Movellas King and Queen

Do you want to win the title of Movellas King or Queen? It's like the X-factor or The Voice but this time it's the Movellas Factor or The Writer.
There will be mentors and contestants. 5 Mentors. 30 Contestants. Only the best of the best will win.
Do you think you have The Movellas in you?
Give it a try, don't be shy.
Mentors will be choosing the contestants they want to mentor and the contestants just have to write.
Good luck :)


1. Producer's audition.

Aka Author's audition.

As you've read... 5 Mentors will be chosen as well as 30 contestants

Because in contests, mentors and contestants are not randomly chosen, it comes down to the auditions.

All questions apply to both mentors and contestants :)

Comment or email me, 

Do you want to be a Mentor or Contestant?

What's the movella you want to enter with? (Please Provide the title and/or link) 

How long have you been a member of the Movellas Community.

How old are you? 

Just sit back and relax and wait to see the list of mentors and contestants.

Good luck. :)

P.S. Please favourite it if you're auditioning so you know when I announce the mentors and contestants :)

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