To the Beat Of My Heart

Allie has always drummed. It made her feel better, it relieved her stress. Allie is a secretive girl who keeps to herself. But all her secrets are pushed on the edge when josh finds the quite red head making quite the sound on his own drum set.


1. Fire


     I had just come back form the bar. We had performed our first show tonight and I left my drumsticks on stage, I couldn't just leave them there. I walked backstage and to my surprise, I heard the sounds of my drums being played. I figured it was one of the boys rocking out on my drums, but the beat was steady, generic, new. I followed the noise and stepped in front of the curtain, I came up from behind. Fire, that's what I saw. A head full of long red fire playing my drums.

"Hey, how did you get in here?" I asked the girl.

She turned her head to me with a gasp and stopped playing. "I'm sorry, I thought this was a free country." She had red hair, that was already established though. She had a tattoo peaking out from the cut of her white tank top. Her ears were being stretched by the white disks. Her nose was pierced as was her lip. She looked at me as if I was the one bothering her.

"Well you shouldn't be in here." I said keeping my voice strong.

She laughed low and shook her head tossing me my drum sticks. "Well then I'll leave." She stood up off my stool and started walking out.

I watched her wondering if I would ever see her agian. She couldn't be hard to miss. I tighted my grip on my sticks and walked out to my car.



     They were just sitting there calling my name out. I couldn't resist the call of the drums, so of course I snuck in and played them. I wasn't expecting someone to catch me. I don't like people, I don't like social interacting with them either. I walked out of their before he could get a conversation started.

     I didn't know where to go now, back to my room maybe?  My dad would probably be at the bar still so I'd be okay until he comes back. So yeah, going to my room seems like a good idea.

      I walked up to my room and unlocked the door with my key, but it wasn't opening. Was I at the right door? Yeah, 37E, I think, or was it 37F? Oh Gosh, I'm at the wrong room. 

"So are you trying to break into my room now?" A familiar voice asked. I turned around to see drummer boy standing behind me yet again. "First you bust a beat on my set and now you're trying to break into my room. If I didn't know you any better i would think that maybe you were stalking me." he continued with a low laugh.

I glared at him. "Stalking you is the last thing on my list." 

"But its still on there." he smiled cheekily. I rolled my eyes and began to walk away. "Hey wait!" He called after me. I stopped and turned to him halfway down the hall. "I didn't catch your name!" 

I chuckled. "That's because I didn't give it to you." With saying that I took the stairs to the next floor.

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