the secret life of alison monroe

Blurb: By day she is school girl Alison Monroe but by night she is super spy agent a m. She has to go back and forth all the time. When she has to go to new York from England her parents feel something is up. Will her secret be revealed?


1. the message

It was early morning January 5th school was starting today. Alison Monroe was getting dressed. Her mum didn't want her to be late that day as she was starting her new school. They had moved over Christmas as they wanted to be nearer to there family. Mainly cause there nan had become ill.

Alison had spent 10 minutes just curling her hair. It was 7:15 and they needed to be at school in 30 minutes.

"Ally get dressed. Your new head teacher wants to meet you. I've made you breakfast," said Alison's mother.

Before going down stairs, Alison checked her phone. She had a message from the director. The message said she needed to meet him at the studio. She had a mission to do. She wrote the message down and then deleted it. She could not risk anyone learning her secret. Her mum didn't even know. Alison lived a secret life of an agent or spy. She had started in her old town but had to leave when they moved. A week ago, a new company called s.t.s ( super tuff spy's) signed her on a deal. Today was her first mission.

At 7:20 Alison got down stairs. Her mum was not happy.

Alison's mum was not happy with her.

"Alison you have been so long. Hurry up and eat your breakfast. Your dad has already taken your brothers to school," said Alison's mum.

Alison ate her cereal really quickly. She got her school bag and quickly got in the car and her mum drove them to school. Soon she would have no school that day and would have her first mission.


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