Lord Chaos

Jeremy is a 17 year old boy who loves nothing more than to cause havoc.


1. Chapter I.

Black cape flowing in the wind I stroll down the neighbourhood. Mothers gardening. Children playing. Fathers leaving for work. The warm breeze comforts me as I pull out my trusty penknife, pop it open and swiftly slash through the rubber that belongs to Mr Rodger's car. Grinning with joy I slash a few more tyres. Women begin to take their children inside.

It's early evening and the sky is filled with vibrant colours. With the sun setting I turn to my left and walk up the steps that lead into Mrs Jacobs' fine yellow home. I gently tap the door and am greeted by a tray of cookies. She holds the tray towards me and I accept one and bite into it. She tells me the rules, though I'm only pretending to pay attention; after all it's only house-sitting, what should go right? 

After she leaves I kick off my shoes and head straight to the study. I switch on the computer to find it's password encrypted. I look around the room for a clue as to what the password could be. I notice all of the books on the shelves look relatively new except for one. It's and old book, covered in dust. I rise from my chair, pull on my white gloves, pace towards the book, yank it from the shelf and open it to the page of the bookmark, careful not to get dust on my gloves. Three words are highlighted, a faded colour but none-the-less I hurry back to the computer. The words are unrelated though I try them in appearance order; purpose, perfect, sight. 

The red cross tells me it's wrong and I try to put them in a different order. Perfect, sight, purpose. The red cross changes to a green tick, indicating I'm in. I open up her files and find a folder labelled for tomorrow. I open it up to find a 10 slide power point. I read through the 10 slides and decide to make things more interesting. I change word after word, picture after picture and even type some of my own stuff into it. I save and close and open up the internet. She's already logged into Facebook and her emails so I go on them first. I find an email from a man she works with, and reply in a rude manner. I post rude and upsetting statuses on her Facebook page. 

After about half and hour of this I turn the computer off and decide to mosey around. I 'accidentally' smash a few ornaments on my walk and burn a few family photos. When she eventually returns I pretend I'm super tired. She hands me the money and I leave before she's even entered the house. As I start walking down the street, it's dark now, I slow to a halt for a minuted or two. I hear Mrs Jacobs scream before taking off running. My black cape conceals me well as night brings more darkness. I slow down gradually and stop as I need to take a breath. There's a house for sale just ahead of me and I head over to it. Looking around I pick the lock silently and walk inside. There's the odd piece of scattered furniture and a fridge stocked with goods. I make myself a doubled decker sandwich and sit on the white couch. I realise I've left my shoes behind but decide to find a new pair.

Upon finishing my sandwich I wander upstairs and into the bedroom. Whoever used to live here left a double bed still with the covers on. I undo my cape and place that, my holey socks and my top hat on the floor. I run my fingers through my greasy, shaggy hair, deciding to shower in the morning. I slide into the covers and close my eyes. 

I wake up to the sound of several voices approaching. Jumping up I pull on my cape, socks and hat. The voices are getting louder, telling me to leave. One voice is familiar and female. Enough, I tell myself. The window appears to be open and my only escape. I walk over to it and have a quick look outside.

"May we see the bedroom?" One voice asks. I shove the window open a tad more and climb out onto the ledge.  I take a breath and jump.

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