How we met. (One Direction Love Story)

Aimee and her grandmother were like best friends. Secrets, gossip, and love. One day, Aimee and her whole family was taken by surprise because they got a call saying Grandmother Cathy had died of a heart attack. Only about two weeks after the call had been made, a funeral at a local church hall had been scheduled. Family, friends and neighbours all flew in from different countries and continents. 17 year old, Aimee was in for a huge surprise. A visit from One Direction!
Grandmother Cathy was always the kindest of all. One Direction was bankrupt at one time in their lives and Cathy had taken them in as if they were grandchildren. Cathy never visited her grandmother at the same time as One Direction, so she didn't even acknowledge the connection between her family and the popular boy-band. What happens when she does? A love triangle begins? Friendships end? Fights begin?


1. Speechs.

Aimee's POV

"Aimee!" My friend, Jack called from the bottom of the hill.

"Yes?" I hollered back.

"Roll down the hill! It's a ton of fun!" He tried to coax.

"No! I don't want my white dress to be ruined. My mom would kill me!" I complained. I imagined my mom facing me saying, "Aimee Reeds, how dare you ruin a five-hundred-dollar dress!"

My thoughts vanished as Jack called my name. "No!" I rolled my eyes. Jack was always a dare devil. Bungee-jumping. Sky-diving. Even rolling down a hill wearing an expensive tuxedo. 

A few days ago, we had received a phone call telling us that Grandmother Cathy had died of a heart attack. I bawled my eyes out until no more tears came out. She was my best friend, aside from Jack, so she meant a lot to me. My whole family was devastated. We cried day and night until we realized crying wasn't going to bring her back. We quickly planned a funeral at the local church hall. 

The day we had to say goodbye approached quicker than expected. 

Jack finally gave up on me rolling down the hill and instead walked back up. Our parents were calling us to go back into the church. The ceremony had already begun. 

We ran to the front hall and Jack brushed the grass off of himself. 

We walked in and separated as we tip-toed to join our family according to the seating-plan. 

"Aimee Reeds is the granddaughter of Cathy Reeds. We invite her to say a few words." My aunt nodded for me to join her.

"When I heard that my grandmother passed away I knew that I wanted to share a few words about her. My grandmother and I were the best of friends. She would make it really special by cooking my favorite dishes, watching cartoons with me, reading me stories, and playing games with me. As I went to high school, she was the first person to whom I confided a lot of my secrets. Losing my grandmother has been truly painful for all of my family. She was a picture of iron-willed strength and always encouraged us to go for our goals and carve our own niche while we still had all the time in the world. She was our guiding light, our source of inspiration. Our goals were her goals, and she would do everything to help us stay on the right path. I will miss visiting my grandmother and hearing her stories and advice. I look forward to passing on all of her wisdom to my children. I will make sure that they know how great a person my grandmother was and will make sure that her memory lives on in all of our hearts." As I finished, tears were rolling down my eyes but I wasn't the only one. My family, along with many others were crying as well. Everyone clapped. I introduced my cousin onto the podium. 

After all the speeches were finished. My aunt went back on the podium.

"One last surprise for everyone, including Cathy, is a special performance. This band was a very good friend of Cathy's. I remember Cathy telling me this story at one of the family dinners last year. In 2011, this particular group of people went bankrupt, and the person we are all here to honour today, helped to save their lives. Cathy took in the band, "One Direction," as if they were her grandchildren. She treated them like her own children. I was amazed to hear this story. They are here to say a few words. Please hold your applause for the one and only, One Direction"

The flow of my tears stopped when I heard the name, One Direction. They were the best of the best. I had posters of them up everywhere! They were truly my idols. The next thing I saw made me cry again. Not sad tears but, happy ones. One Direction showed up at the church door. My jaw hit the ground instantly. One guy caught my eye. Mr. Zayn Malik. With his Hazel-coloured orbs. He was irresistible. But then, my eyes turned to the other boys and saw another boy, staring intently at me. Mr. Niall Horan. They all looked so gorgeous up close. They smiled at all of us as they walked nervously up to the podium. 

"We would like to say a few words about our friend Cathy. She brought us into her home in 2011, which was about two years ago. She has always been there when we needed her and we will miss her dearly. Cathy was a hard-working, intelligent, caring and very thoughtful person. She was very close to her friends and family and had a lot of people who cared about her. One of her best traits was that she always lived her life to the fullest and loved to laugh and smile. Whenever we were feeling down and needed a friend to lean on she was there for us. The band has been through a lot over the years, but no matter where life took us we new we could count on Cathy. So, thank you for your friendship and kindness, we will miss you forever and never forget all of the time we spent together." They spoke in a prefect british accent. 

I had an urge to run up and scream, "I love you," but I held my act together because I had to. 

I had never realized the relationship between my Grandmother and my favourite idols. I was taken back but in a good way. I had to go up to them and introduce myself.

Author's Message:

Hello, I'm Kelly if you're new to Movellas or new to my movellas. This is one of the first books I have co-authored. Mia has some brilliant ideas so I can't wait for you guys to read the next chapter, which will be written by her. We will be alternating chapters. For example, one will be written by me, then her, then me, then her, etc. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. Just a warning, I love my author's messages so I might go-overboard and turn them into a novel-length, haha. Also, credit goes to Sample Eulogy (Website). I just took a few ideas from it for the two speeches (by Aimee and 1D) because I've never been to a funeral and so I have not written an Eulogy (speech). I know the first chapter is boring but I have to introduce everything :) Cya on chapter 3 :) 

[Written on March 11, 2013 @ 2:53pm]

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