My names Arianna. Your thinking right now wow shes dull. Yes I probably am. I have only two friends and I am abused. I escaped from my home I got my letter to Hogwarts's sadly when I get there I am bullied. Maybe things will change this year? Lets just find out.


1. Past

My names Arianna Hope Dust. So your wondering whats wrong with this girl shes so boring and depressing?! Well I am seriously depressed so much has happened its hard to deal with. I have haunting dreams that swirl in my head making me feel like I have a heavy weight on my chest. Well I am fourteen years old and I am going into my fourth year at Hogwarts's  I am in gryffindor just like my Mamma was.I only have two friends who are in Gyffindor too. Can I tell you a secret? My dad abuses me because of something what's happened in my past. Ill explain. It started when I was ten. I was having time with my mum

"Mum!"I squealed as we looked up at the massive cruise boat. We was going to america back home because we had left my dad at home because he said it could be a mum and daughter holiday. It was loads different from the one we came on. My mum hated the boat we came on so she sold them and bought tickets for a better boat. We climbed on board as a few boys that looked about twenty took our bags on board with a smile. I remember that day it was amazing, unforgettable. Lots of games, swimming pools and loads of over activities. That's when the night came and we was fast asleep in our massive luxury cabin.When I say unforgettable I mean this next bit was haunting for me.I was asleep and I was awoken to sirens. I got up grabbed my teddy blanket, slippers and tiny hand bag mum gave me filled with precious things that mum and dad gave me. I woke mum up,she grabbed a few things like her bag and a coat along with mine. She gave my coat and I put my blanket around in We trudged upstairs and to find people running to life boats. Mum held my hand tightly. I was confused. I didn't understand what was going on then I got it. The boat was sinking and we might not make it off. I knew it wouldn't be a long journey back to where we got on the boat because we had to stop a few times because there was a few problems. People pushed and shoved at me as the ran past screaming and shouting trying to get off. Me and Mum was pushed through people and then the worst thing happened.Someone ran into me and I lost mum. I remember the panic I was in. I was going to die and I couldn't be with my mum. I screamed and cried as tears ran down my face and dripped to the floor. A worker on the boat picked me up and carried me to the life boats. I screamed and punched his back while tears were flooding down my face. All of a sudden I was in a life boat that was being lowered down. Everything was happening so quickly and it was scaring me. Then I saw mum. The life boat was stopped and she climbed on. I felt the the panic stop and we was lowered into the water. The instructor led us away from the ship. We was finally away and I could feel the life boat move up and down slowly. Then a ugly, snobbish man that sat next to me looked down on me and groaned and shouted to the instructor

"Wow we have a child here.Can't we chuck her over board? It looks like she has no family here and shes just taking up weight."

I remember the instructor told him to shut up, giving me a smile. He didn't thought he blabbed and moaned for what seemed like forever. I curled up clinging to my blanket and teddy. He was still moaning and then everyone broke into argument. I was frightened and scared. The panic came back. I didn't like it when people yelled.Mum saw the look on my face and she was moving toward me carefully. She was near the man that was moaning and had started the argument  She started arguing with him, saying he was making me frightened. He told her to shut up and go back to her seat and her shoved her. It wasn't a real big shove but it was enough to knock her backwards. She tripped on a seat and fell off the life boat. The man looked shocked. Everyone went quiet. She hadn't come back up yet. I crawled over to the lady near to where she fell.  I looked over the edge and screamed 

"Mum! Mum please stop messing around and come back you can have my blanket?"

She didn't answer. I started crying. I then remember she didn't have a life jacket on. She was too busy trying to get me safe. I cried and cried while the lady next to me comforted me the whole trip. The stuck up man never said another word on the trip. A ship found us that was sailing the same way. I found Dad when I finally got home.I told him what happened while crying and we went to a cafe near the dock  and we cried as much as we could, until all the tears ran out. We went home and after a few weeks we sorted the funeral out.

After that he was never the same. He became extremely depressed, I had to look after him and myself. After a few months he started drinking. He abused me and I still have the marks,wounds and scars. He also hurts me emotionally  by calling me names and blaming me for mums death.There is also the day I got my letter to Hogwarts. I was so excited to leave and get a break. Then I got there

I had just got off the train and a man with a big black beard shouted us first years over. He led us to a big lake and across the lake was a massive,beautiful and amazing castle. I felt excitement bubble inside me but then I noticed something. We had to take boats to get to the castle. I felt panic spread over me but I must have shown my fear because some twins with ginger hair came and stood beside me.One said to me

"Hi Im Fred Weasley and this is George."

After the other one said

"We was wondering why you looked so scared love?"

I smiled a bit and I don't even know why. I told them

"Well its a long story and I don't like looking back on it. Ill just tell you I have a fear of boats instead. Anyway my names Arianna"

I smiled at them both. I thought to my self maybe these guys are ok? I had never had friend before. After that I remember they both took my hand and help me in the boat and helped me keep calm. We finally got there and I felt so happy. We all walked in together and after a lady led us through two massive doors into a huge hall. I looked up and saw a night sky and floating candles. It had made me smile so much because it was just like in my mums stories.

After that I had been sorted and Fred and George was with me. We pranked people most of the time. We found it amusing and funny. There was a problem.After a couple of months people started picking on me, calling me names and also hurting me in ways that caused more scars and bruises. I didn't understand? Then I realized it had been started by a few girls in Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff who liked the twins. I couldn't believe they liked them. They we were all only eleven. I also knew the twins didn't want a relationship until there third or fourth year.

So much had happened me and the twins grew up together but as well they stuck up for me when bullies were being horrible but they don't know about my dad yet. I have to go my dads coming now and he sounds drunk. 

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