It's Hard to Keep a Secret •One Direction FanFiction•

Nala Elliot has known Niall Horan since she was born and he was 3... Niall has known about Nala's weird mutation the whole time and doesn't treat Nala any different. Being a Hybrid is hard to hide, especially when your ears and tails are different from every own else's. Of course Niall would love the constant cuddling and attention from Nala, but once Niall left for X-Factor Nala was left lonely and upset greatly. Coming home after the Take Me Home Tour for a break, Niall runs into Nala, only to find out that her secret... Isn't a secret. Niall tries to hide the fact that Nala is different from the boys but will Niall become jealous of the attention Nala gives the other boys? Or will he get jealous over the boys paying so much attention to Nala and flirting with her? So much can happen... When it's hard to keep a secret.

Also written on Wattpad (updated better on there too) under the username SelenaGayle

The author has rated this movella as red, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 16.
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