The mind trap craze is sweeping the nation, the virtual reality game on sale at every store. But when Pim tries it out, she realises something more sinister behind the addiction.

*The amazing new cover is made by another fantastic movellian. Go check out A tarnished soul everybody!!!!*


1. Prologue

The white, alabaster hand drummed its perfectly shaped nails on the glass table, tapping a rhythm which its owner's heart danced along to. The hand was an elegant, delicate thing, like one belonging to a princess or a mere innocent child, one formed exquisitely, one that God had been kind to. 

Up from the hand, was an arm,  a long, slender thing, and up from that there was a head, from which golden hair hung, swishing slightly in an unknown breeze. These glittering locks framed a face of immense beauty, the kind of beauty you'd imagine would live forever; wide blue eyes with thick black lashes, a pert, small kind of nose with the barest hint of freckles across.

Yet contrasting to all this radiance was her other hand, the hand not yet mentioned. And on that other hand, just off the palm, was a black tattoo, still scarred and puckered with marks of days old infection, a black tattoo forming a ring around it's battle worn scars. Putrid white marks of contempt, they showed a side to the person, a side which wasn't alabaster and elegant, a side of loathing and fear.

The beauty of the girl's soul, the beauty underneath.

She brought the other hand up to her pretty head and scratched at the nape of her neck, before stopping her pacing and sitting on the glass chair, poised, professional.

And into the round grey intercom, she spoke out of rosebud lips.


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