Catnip, Thievery and a Lot Of Books

It wasn't right. I knew it wasn't right. Yet, I did it. I told myself I wasn't a thief. I was just, borrowing.


1. Chapter One- A Summer Job

  "I Knew You Were Trouble" By Taylor Swift was blaring through the speakers of my 200-dollar radio I had bought myself for my birthday.  I didn't even hear my mom come in and tell me, although she was screaming at the top of her lungs.  I just lay there, on my bed, listening to the music, thinking over life, being completely unaware of reality, until she barged into my room, walk right over to my expensive musical system and clicked the off button.

  "Bridgette Baker, you better stop listening to that music so loudly or your ears are going to pop right off!"  My mom told me.

    "Don't call me Bridgette."  I hate the name Bridgette.  I very much prefer Bridgie, people only ever call me by my full first name when they really want to tick me off.  "What is it mom?"  She gave me one of her famous, concerned glares, she always gives me when she's just about to tell me something I really don't want to hear.  I gulped a little inside and I got a really bad feeling.  I think I kinda knew it was the start of it all. 

  "Mrs. Moore down the street has asked you to take care of her house while she's gone this summer."

  "Tell her I can't."  I said, just about to get up and turn my music back on.

    "Bridgie, I already told her you'd love to."

   "You WHAT?"  I began to get super flipped at my mother, "I have a packed summer as it is, I can not afford another thing to do!"

    "She's willing to pay you."  Suddenly I lightened up to the matter.

      "How much are we talking here?"  This was when I remembered that Mrs. Moore is loaded.

     "She said she has decided to round it off to one thousand dollars for the summer, which I find way to much for dusting and watering plants, but she insisted."  My eyes lit up.   THAT WAS A SUPER AMOUNT OF MONEY.

  "I'm in!"  I told her.  She handed me a hand written note.


  Dear Bridgie, 

Thanks so much for doing this for me!  I leave on Sunday and I ask for you to start coming to my house daily to complete the tasks listed below, 

1.  We have a daisy plant in our back yard, keep special attention to this, for it is my daughters pride and joy.

2.  We have lots of grass in our back yard, we have automatic sprinklers installed, make sure these are working before you leave each day.  (there is a set timer on the far left wall of our back hall, make sure this stays on at all times).

3. KEEP POOL CLEAN (If pool is dirty when we return, I will not be happy).

4. Dust bookshelf daily. (duster is hung next to our kitchen sink)

5. Keep Bolt, our cat, in his cage at all times, and make sure to feed him and empty his litter box every morning.

6. Set alarm every time you leave the house, and stop it every time you enter. (Code is 4972)

7. DO NOT TOUCH ANY ART (if anything is broken, I will not be happy, are house has some very pricy, priceless artworks.)

8. Make sure pool water stays in pool.

9. Make sure everything stays fresh and clean.  

10. Have fun (:

Thanks again,

Mrs. Moore

 I could sense the stress from here.



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