The Poster

What happens what Kenya's Niall Horan poster comes to life?


2. Confusing

Slowly her brown eyes fluttered open as Kenya woke up. The first thing her eyes focused on was her digital alarm clock, where the red digits pierced through the early-morning darkness. Blinked once, and then twice before she read what the red sticks had to say.

"Shoot!" Kenya exclaimed. It was 7:30, and she had to be at school by eight. The blankets were carelessly thrown off to the side, and with barefeeet she scattered across the carpeted bedroom floor and picked up a pair of skinny jeans and a jumper before running into the bathroom to get ready.


Somewhere in London

"Look at this guys!" Louis came into the studio with a magic kit in his arms.

"Oh no..." Niall moaned and slapped his forehead as he put the cup of coffee down. "We're shooting Little Things today, and not some magic show!"

"I know," Louis smirked as he put the kit on a table overtop of numerous pages full of lyrics. He opened the briefcase, showing a few books, a wand, a black top-hat and a few other useless looking gadgets. "A fan gave this to me, she said that I had to do it, and would know if I didn't." He rolled his eyes. "So... here goes nothing!" He picked up the first book and flipped through the pages until he found a sticky note.

In the meantime, Harry, Liam and Zayn crowded around. Niall stayed in his spot, knowing that he was most likely going to be the test subject.

"Niall..." Louis eventually said as he picked up the wand. "Go into the closet and close the door. We'll wave a wand and say some kind of words from who knows what language," Louis explained.

"Can I take my coffee?" Niall begged, and made a puppy-dog face. "Anyway, why me? you know I'm claustrophobic!"

"Just do it already!" Harry complained, and opened the nearest closet door where the guitars were stored.

"Okay..." Niall took a deep breath, held onto his coffee and stepped into the closet. Harry slammed the door behind him, making Niall cringe. "Why am I always the one to do crazy things?!"  he called out as he closed his eyes, and heard the boys saying weird words. Suddenly he tripped over nothing, spilling his coffee everywhere. He had fallen flat on his stomach, so when Niall opened his eyes started to get up he noticed he wasn't in the closet anymore. The first clue was the soft carpet, and the second clue was the distant smell of perfume.

"What???" Niall whispered to himself as he slowly stood up and looked around at his surroundings. He was in a bedroom of some sort. The walls were baby blue, and a poster of himself was facing a bed which wasn't made at all. Half of the striped blankets were hanging off of the bedside. Looking to another wall, there was a large window covered by dusty blinds pulled down. A small desk for studying was placed in front of the window. Textbooks and papers were strewn all over the top of the desk. On the third wall there were numerous more posters of the band, which made Niall blush, and then turning to the last wall there was a doorway. Inside that doorway was a girl with light brown hair.

"Hello, Lovely," Niall said in a confused voice. "Where am I?"

"A-a-a-re you N-niall Horan?" The girl, who was Kenya, stuttered in disbelief. "Like THE Niall Horan?"

"Yess..." Niall narrowed his eyes at the girl who was wearing a pair of skinny jeans, and an extremely baggy purple jumper. Her hair wasn't done, yet she still looked half asleep. "Would you mind explaining to me how one minute the boys had locked me in the closet and now I'm..." He looked around. "Here."

"Well, Niall, that is a good question..." Kenya's voice sounded distant before she squealed and squeezed Niall as hard as she could.

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