Life changed forever ( sequel to 'Love me')

this is a book about when Rory and Louis go on holiday with One Direction, then all of a sudden their life's changed forever by Mother Nature Herself.
I would recommend you reading 'Love me' before you read this if you haven't read it all ready !

~~~ MORGAN x = )


1. Flight

It was July 16th,2016, 3 years after me and my Lou bear started going out. Me and Louis are both turning 25 this year !We were in first class going to Thailand. the boys (One Direction) got to go as a gift from Simon. I hated flying but I was soo tired I just fell asleep for most of the way. the journey is about 13-14ish hours and I slept for about  9 hours. and listened to music and chatted to Lou and Niall. I sat in the middle, Niall at the window, Lou at the isle seat. Harry, Zayn and Liam in front of us.

The hours passed and it was time to land. I WAS SOOO EXCITED and so was Mr Fluffles Bottoms yeh that's right I brung my panda that Lou won for me 3 years ago I love that giant panda ! we got out of the plane and I was really tired so I got a monkey back of of Louis hehe. we got out of the the airport. I must of bein sleeping because I woke up to a breeze on my face. I was still half asleep when I was put into a van and I wanted to go back to sleep. I had my head resting on Liam "oh the princess has awoken from her slumber" Liam said playfully I punched him playfully. me and the rest of 1D got on really well we were like my little brothers. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and saw Liam on my right, Harry on my left and Niall and Zayn behind and the driver and Lou bear in front of me. I looked out of the windows it was dark considering it was like 2 a.m in Thailand. with a little while of driving we got to the Villa we were staying at we had lovely little 1floor  house-thingy that was not to far away from the ocean I looked out at the ocean and oh how lovely, the moon light was reflecting of the water. Me and Louis got a little house thingy together, Liam, Niall, Zayn and harry shared a house thingy. the place had either a hotel room to stay in or have your privacy and get a little house it was oviously more to get the house but it is worth it and it was Free!!. our house (I will just call it a house)  had a on-suite, a bedroom with a King-Sized bed and a living-room and kitchen in the living-room there was slid-open doors to a patio that looked out to the ocean and beach. the best thing was that the boys where right next door to us. we all went to bed after touring our houses. I lay down putting my head on Louis chest "you know you are beautiful" Louis said to me

"well you have only reminded it to me like a bejillion times since we started going out " I replied closing my eyes.

"okay, good night see you in the morning" Lou turned out the light s and I drifted into sleep.

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