Before Forever and After Too

Logan and Rosalie. Rosalie and Logan. They were inseparable; two friends that couldn't be parted. But what happens when one stupid mistake leads to a castastrophe? Suddenly, Rosalie's dead and Logan doesn't know what to do without his best friend since before forever.

But then, by complete chance, Logan finds Rosalie's bucket list. 28 things on it, and now she wasn't alive to do any of them. So Logan vows to do them all for her. Follow him as he, with a gay cousin and a crazy dog, tries to complete the list over the course of one summer.


1. The List

Rosalie’s Bucket List

1.     Road trip across the USA with Logan
2.     Make a card house and somehow keep it standing
3.     Dye my hair a crazy color and keep it that way for awhile
4.     Drive a motorcycle
5.     Write a song
6.     Dance in public without dying of embarrassment
7.     Learn all the lyrics to We Go Together from the musical Grease
8.     Text a random number, saying “Congratulations! You have won the 
           million dollars!” and see the reply.
9.     Laugh until I cry
10.   Try Thai food

11    If at all possible, meet someone famous
12.  Make a kite from scratch and fly it.
13.  Sing the alphabet backwards.
14.  Tell someone, other than family, that I love them
15.   Be kissed by surprise
16.   Ding dong ditch
17.   Compliment complete strangers
18.   Go surfing
19.   Perfect a British accent
20.   Save a life
21.   Hitchhike
22.   Donate blood
23.   Dance in the rain
24.   Stand on a busy street corner in a city, holding a sign that 
        says “Free Hugs.”
25.   See something amazing
26.   Make a soufflé.
27.   Lose ten pounds
28.    CONFESS

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