Don't add water (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Caro is a normal 18 year old teen, so as her friends Gwyneth and Ellen. Untill they are in the water, than they get a tail...
One day, Caro swims to the moonpool, there she sees a boy, unconscious, Harry Styles. They fall in love and after a while she tells him...
Will Harry be able to keep it from the media? Will Caro trust Harry enough to tell him all of her life? Read the book to find out!
Please no hate! This is my first fanfiction. So everything is based on the H2o: just add water series. Sorry if there are any mistakes.
Faith. xoxo


1. Oh My God!

I woke up at 10 am. I stood up and watched the beautiful sea, my home. I grib a towel and bikini, just for the people on the beach. I could jump into the water with my clothes on, but that would bring to much attention. I ran and jumped into the water. After 10 seconds in the water, my clothes dissapear and my orange tail and top appeared. I'm a mermaid, so I love to be in the water. I was swimming to Mako Island. It isn't very far, if you're a mermaid. But I decided to swim slowly, so I could enjoy it more. When I arrived at Mako Island, I saw the underwater entrance of the moonpool. I swam through the entrance and came up in the cave. I saw a boy lying on the ground. Shit! I went out of the pool and heated my tail, so my legs appeared. Oh, I was still wearing my tank top shorts. Well, that must be weird for the people who saw me. Anyway, I was going to wake up that guy. "Hey! Sleeping beauty, wake up!" I shouted, while kicking him softly. "Hmm?" He said, while he turned around and got up. "Hey... What happend" He asked. "I don't know, when I arrived here you were lying on the ground." I say. "I came in diving, how did you came in?" He asked. Uh-oh. "Um... There's an entrance on the island." I say, glad that I didn't have to lie. Wait a second... I know those green eyes, curly hair and husky hair... " Oh my god! You're Harry Styles!" I said, well, actually, shouted...





well, this was the first chapter, please like and favorite if you liked it! faith xoxo

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