Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


1. Yes.

*Listen to 'I Wont Give Up' by Jason Mraz for this*


I could feel my tears flow to my eyes. I felt people looking at us, but it felt like me and Justin in the world. I looked at him and he was still kneeling down. I nodded and started crying. I sat on the ground next to him and grabbed his face and kissed him. He took my left hand and slipped the ring on my finger. We stood up and he lifted my up by my waist and spun me around as I kissed him. When He set me down Corey, Dakota, Ryan, Chaz, Pattie, Scooter, Usher, and the rest of the crew came over to us and gave us each a hug. Justin held me close to him the whole time. When I saw Corey I ran over to him and gave him a hug.

Becca: You knew?

Corey: He had to ask me before he could anyways, Of coarse I knew.

I gave him a hug and I felt a hand on my shoulder. When I turned around again Justin was standing there smiling at me. I gave him a hug and he gave me a big hug. I started to cry again, just thinking about what had just happened.

Justin: Don't cry.

He started tearing up too.

Becca: I'm crying from happiness.

Justin leaned in and kissed me. I could taste one of the tears that were falling from my eyes. Justin wrapped his arms around me and held on to me. Soon enough even more people were taking pictures. Justin didnt care, I didnt either.

Usher: Congrats lil man! Just dont screw things up with her, she's a keeper.

Justin: I've been with her forever, just never told her how I felt.

I smiled at kim and he pulled me closer again.

Becca: How did you plan this?

Justin: Back up dancers.. When you weren't there I told them what was happening.

Becca: When did you ask Corey?

Justin: When we were on vacation and you fell asleep..

Becca: Ohh I see.

Justin: One more thing...

Becca: Whats that?

Justin: Suprise!

Becca: What?

Justin: this was the suprise...

Becca: Well, you were right. Im glad you didnt tell me before.

Justin kissed me again. I looked out at everybody on the streets again and they were claping and starring at us. Some of them were crying happy tears, well i think they were meant to be happy tears. A couple people walked over to us and congratulated us.

Justin: Now, we will be together Forever and Always.

Becca: Forever.

I laid my head on his shoulder and he put his arm on my back. I looked him in the eyes and he looked at me. His eyes were hypnotizing... perfect. He looked at me with loving eyes and he kissed me again. He put his hands on my waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he moved from side to side with me to the should of people talking. I laid my head on his shoulder.

Justin: You're perfect.

Becca: Not.

Justin: to me you are.

 I held on to him as he slowly brushed his lips across mine. He pulled his face closer tom mine and slowly kissed me and pulled my lips along with his as he danced with me.

As we walked back to the hotel room we were staying in, he spun me around and I fell backwards on the bed. He laid next to me and kissed my cheek. I lifted my left hand above me so I was starring at the ring.

Justin: Do you like it?

Becca: I love it, I love you too.

Justin: I'm glad, I love you baby.

Becca: Justin?

Justin: Yes sweetie?

Becca: Did you know, the ring goes on the ring finger because it's the only finger with a vain that goes to the heart.

Justin: I didnt know that..

Becca: Well, it's true.

I flipped on to my side so I was facing Justin. He did the same and pulled me closer to him.

Justin: You will be my perfect little wife. Mrs. Rebecca Bieber.

I smiled at him and gave him a quick kiss.

Becca: I'm ready for bed.

Justin: I am too.

I took off my clothes, I wasnt in the mood to get Pajamas on. I didnt care how cold it was, I was too tired to do anything.

Justin: Baby, you're going to be freezing.

Becca: Too bad, i'm too lazy to change.

Justin picked up a sweatshirt and put it over my head. He then crawled under the covers with me and intertwined his fingers with mine. I looked up at him and he touched our foreheads and noses together. He wrapped his arms around me and held on to me.

Justin: I love you Mrs. Bieber.

I fell asleep cuddling with the man I love. When I woke up he was holding on to me tighter than when we fell asleep, and more blankets were covering us. I sat up and remembered Justin and his proposal. I smiled at him and stood up. It was pretty cold still.

Justin: Hey, we arent even married yet and you're trying to run away already!

Becca: Just stretching.

Justin: And I just 'like' you.

Becca: Shame.

He smiled and stood up.

Justin: Come cuddle.

I walked back over to him and laid next to him and pulled the covers over my face. His face appeared as he slumed his face down next to me.

Becca: It's warmer under here...

Justin: I know, Or, I could hold you in my arms...

Becca: How about both?

Justin: Sounds perfect...

He wrapped his arms around my body and I touched my forehead and nose with his again.

Justin: I can't wait til I call my my wife.

Becca: I cant wait til I get to call you my Husband. But, until then Fiance will do...

Justin: Fiance will work for the time being..

He gently moved his lips to mine and softly kissed me. I closed my eyes and snuggled closer to Justin. This was the first time I could say this. I was falling asleep in my Fiance's arms.


When I woke up Justin was starring at me and he brushed a piece of hair out of my face and kissed my forehead gently.

Justin: I have practice at six.

I held on to him tighter and buried my head in his chest.

Becca: What time is it..

Justin: Only noon, we have time to waste.

Becca: Spending time with you is not wasting time..

Justin kissed my head and rubbed my back with his left hand.

Becca: Can we walk around the city today, and like see a movie?

Justin: That sounds perfect.

I picked up my head from his chest and gave him a small, sweet kiss. When I stood up he stood up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

Justin: What do you think you're doing?

Becca: Getting ready.

Justin: No, I still get two minutes of cuddle time.

I laughed at him and laid back down as he wrapped  his arms around me again. After about 5 minutes of Justin holding me in his arms, he stood up and picked me up in his arms bridal-style.

Becca: What are you doing!

Justin: Practicing, for our honey-moon.

I started laughing and kissed his cheek.

Becca: You're se- I mean cute.

Justin: You're se-cute.

Becca: Se-cute.

I laughed and we touched our noses.

Justin: I love you Rebecca Miller.

Becca: I love you too Justin Bieber.

Right as our lips were about to connect, there was a knock at the door. Justin set me down and held my hand. When we opened the door Pattie walked in. Justin closed he door behind her.

Pattie: Congratulations!

She gave us a hug and smiled and started crying happy tears.

Pattie: I know I said that yesterday, but I just have to keep saying it..

I smiled at her and let go of Justins hand and gave her a hug.

Pattie: Can I get a picture of you two?

Justin: Of coarse mom.

Pattie: Becca is it okay if I get it so I can see your whole body?

Becca: Yea, I dont mind, I was just to lazy last night to change into pajamas.

Justin pulled my closer and he looked at the camera. I smiled at the camera and smiled. When I saw the flash go off I tried not to blink.

Pattie: That's so Perfect! Can I get three more? I know how I want them..

Becca: Of coarse! How do you want us to pose?

Pattie: First, Justin kiss her cheek while she looks and the camera.

Justin wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my cheek from the side.

Pattie: Got it! Now Becca do the same.

Instead of wrapping my arms around his waist though, I wrapped them around his neck and kissed his cheek.

Pattie: You guys are... so cute.

I smiled at her and she smield back.

Pattie: Now both of you kiss.

I looked at Justin and He bent and kissed me softly, and as I heard the click of the camera I pressed my lips a little harder against his lips and then pulled away.

Pattie: Those, are adorable! Is it okay If I put them on twitter and Instagram?

Justin: That would be perfect.

As pattied looked down at her phone Justin picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I took his face in my hands and pressed my lips against his. He held his hands under me to keep me held up. I heard a click, but didnt break the kiss. I pulled away after a few seconds. Justin smiled at me then looked over at Pattie.

Justin: Mom, don't cry!

I unwrapped my legs from Justin and walked over to her and gave her a hug.

Pattie: No, no, you guys are the cutest, I didnt want you to stop.. I'm just so happy for you guys.

I smiled and Justin joined the hug.

Justin: I love you mom.

Pattie: I love you guys too!

She pulled out of the hug and smiled at us.

Pattie: Look at these..

Pattie held out her phone and showed us the pictures.

Pattie: I know I wasnt supposed to take a picture of this, but it was a perfect sight...

She showed us a picture of me holding Justin's face in my hands, Obviously kissing.

Becca: That is beautiful.

I felt Justin's arm wrap around me from the side.

Justin: Look, you can see the ring sparkle.

I looked at Justin and we smiled at each other.

Pattie: It really is beautiful...

Justin: Mom, can you send me those.. I want to be the person to post the one you just took, So i'm the one who tells the beliebers about our engagement.

Pattie: That sounds perfect sweetie.

She sent him the pictures and I held on to Justin from the side. When Justin got them he saved the pictures to his phone.

Pattie: I have to go meet Scooter to talk about scheduling. Ill see you at rehersals baby.

Justin: Bye mom, love you.

Becca: Bye sweet heart, Love you.

She walked out and Justin smiled at me and kissed my nose.

Justin: Ready to tell everybody?

Becca: One second, then I'll tell you.

I grabbed my phone, logged on to twitter, and laid on the bed.

(Okay, I dont know if these are actually twitter names, So sorry if they are.. )



Jecca? Like Engaged? Justin wouldn't be that stupid.






Those pictures have to be fake, maybe it's somebody who looks like Becca. Like it cant be...



Jecca forever. #engaged #Perf #FOREVER



Justin probably has Mistaken Becca for Selena #JELENA


I just ignored the rude ones and kept smiling, I didnt care what they thought anymore. Justin was mine, he wanted to be with me forever, and I was going to allow him to be.

Becca: Go.

Justin laid next to me and went on twitter and added the picture.


Im SOO happy to say, that she said yes, I got my girl, I love you @RebeccaElizabe7


Then he clicked upload, and within seconds, millions of tweets were coming in.



So proud.

Justin RT her and replied with a heart.


@justinbieber you're only 19, dont ruin your fucking life with a little slut like her. @RebeccaElizabe7 You have to be kidding


Jusitn Replied.


@JeccaIsFakeBitch I dont care how old I am, i've known her forever, and I dont want people like you to ruin OUR life. She isnt a slut either. Watch your words. Not kidding, she will be my wife



@justinbieber @JeccaIsFakeBitch @RebeccaElizabe7 STFU! They are beautiful together, meant for each other. #JeccaEngagement


Justin Followed her and Rt her.



@JeccaBeautiful I love you. Thank you.


Justin logged off of twitter and logged on to instagram. When he uploaded the picture everybody started commenting and liking.

Justin: I think, that they love you.

Becca: Well not that one girl...

Justin: She, will get over it.

He smiled at me and we stood up together.

Becca: I need to get dressed.

Justin: I need to get dressed with you.

I smiled at him and we walked over to our suicases and we pulle out our matching shirts.

Justin: Look, we can match.

Becca: Yes we do.

I took off the sweatshirt I was wearing previously and slid on the shirt. Justin put his shirt on too and then we both slipped on jeans, except mine were way skinnier. He smiled at me and I walked into the bathroom.

Justin: What are you doing?

Becca: utting my makeup on.

Justin: Noo, dont wear any..

Becca: Justin!

Justin: Please, for your fiance?

I glared at him.

Becca: Fine.

He pulled me close again and kissed me. We walked out of the hotel and snuck out to the streets. We got into a taxi and had them take us to Settlers Ridge (in Robinson) and we got dropped off at the Cinema Theater.

Justin: Come on.

Becca: What are we seeing?

Justin: Safe Haven.

Becca: You're going to watch a chick flick?

Justin: Anything for you.

I smiled at him as he pulled his hood over his face. He pulled my hood over my face and ulled my face to his and left me a gentle kiss. Once we got our tickets we walked in and the room was filled. We ended up sitting in the middle of a bunch of 16 year old girls.

Justin(whispering): Want to sit on my lap?

Becca: Sure.

I stood up and Justin pulled me on to his lap. We watched the movie, and I started crying in the middle.

Justin: Aww, you're so cute.

Becca: Shut up!

I kissed his cheek and he smiled at me. I looked at one of the girls and she was starring at me. When the movie ended she looked at me again and she screamed.


Justin: SHit.

Security ran in and guarded me and Justin.

Becca: They were fast.

Justin: It would hurt their buisness if 'Justin Bieber' got hurt because of them.

A bunch of girls started crowding around us.

Girl: Oh My god! THE RING.

I looked at my hand and the ring was still sparkling like it was brand new. Some belibers started swearing at me.

Justin: Im about to kill them.

Becca: It's okay, they feel like they own you, so this hurts them, I understand.

He looked at me and pressed his lips against mine.

Security: Okay mr.bieber we're going to have you go out the emergeny exit, and a car will be waiting for you.

We made our way to the exit and we snuck out. Justin started  running into a resturaunt and we ordered a table and pulled our hoods over our heads.

Becca: She had to say something...

Justin: Well, now we get to eat.

Once we were done, we caught a taxi back to our hotel. It was about 4, we still had two hours of free time..

Justin: Wanna walk around?

Becca: Yes, I'd love it.

He took my hand and we started down the street.






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