An Egyptian Manipulation

At only 18 years old Cleopatra ascended to the throne. With 'unsurpassed' beauty and conquests of some of the most renown male historical figures of her time, Cleopatra certainly has a story to tell. A story of manipulation, politics, love and murder, the Egyptian life is about told. (Entry for the Historical Fiction competition) Not historically accurate.


1. Prologue: Her eleventh birthday

Cleopatra's eyes fluttered softly as she tossed and turned in the coolness of the night. Moonlight fell across the centre of the room to form a square patch of light on the marble floor. A corner of the sheet that covered her sleeping form wafted gently in the breeze from the balcony. The night was quiet, still, serene.

Her brother stood in the entryway to her room. He watched as Cleopatra murmured and sighed in her sleep. His eyes grazed the length of her body as it lay wrapped under the sheets. He was to be married tomorrow. He was to be married with the girl that slept softly in the large bed, unaware of his presence. He took a further step into the room. He was handsome for a twelve year old. In fact, the whole family were aware of the younger generation's beauty, it was this that made marrying them so easy. It was what made it obvious to Ptolemy and anyone else, that Cleopatra would give him beautiful children when the time came.

Cleopatra uttered a small sound of terror in her sleep and Ptolemy took a step forwards to soothe her without thinking about the consequences. He now stood in the square patch of moonlight before her bed. Cleopatra whimpered once more before rocketing up in her bed to sit against her pillows. Ptolemy didn't dare to breathe as she kneaded her eyes with her hands. Her eyes opened. Ptolemy would remember the look of horror and terror on her face for as long as he lived.

She scrambled backwards towards the pillows in such a rush that the sheets that only moments before had been covering her body, flew in a rippling arc to land at Ptolemy's feet.

"No." She whispered, her eyes wide and tearful, "No, I don't want to." 

Her hands clawed at her sides as tears rolled from her eyes. Her lips began to shake and Ptolemy noticed that she quickly brought her teeth down onto her bottom lip to stop the trembling. Ptolemy quickly plastered a smile onto his face but it was too late. Cleopatra had seen the side of his face that was shadowed and hidden from the moon. His eyes had been dark, his face brooding and contemplative and his lip had been quirked at the end. And yet here he stood, a smile on his face and his arms held up in surrender.

"I mean you no harm, little sister. I do not wish for this either." He lied.

With an abrupt turn of his heels, he walked out of her chambers and left her to sit, shaking, on her sheet-less bed.

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