How to fall in love [Jily]

Okay, so I love James Potter and Lily Evans with a burning passion. But they are hard characters to write and this is the first time I do, so there's that. Hope you like - I am always ready to discus my two favourite fictional characters in the comments, so write all you like!

1. ~~~

i. the first thing that catches his eye is her hair. a thick, messy mop of red hair. it is a bit too long and had gotten further than her usual shoulder lenght. she complains about it a bit, but she doesn’t mean it, he knows.

ii. the next thing he notices is her face. a stubborn jaw and a red mouth, slightly too small for the rest of her face. the nose is short and straight. he thinks she looks lovely.

iii. then he starts seeing her limbs as separate parts of her. she still hasn’t grown into her own skin and sometimes she becomes an awkward mess of elbows and knees. at this moment she is somewhere in between but that’s okay. when it comes to her he’s a lost cause, anyway.

vi. then he makes her laugh. her laugh is a loud, roaring one, not a sweet little giggle. she doesn’t hold it in and she means it when she finds the joke funny. when laughing she lights up the room and he is pretty certain he’s fallen for her.

v. the last thing he notices is her eyes. he knows that her eyes are green, but now, up close, he sees them clearly. they’re not a just green, but a emerald green filled with different nuances. her eyes are two endless pools almost drowning him.

vi. then he feels her lips on his and he burns with passion mixed with the feeling of happy-ever-afters. he knows, as he perhaps always has known, he is in love. 

and she is too.

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