Death and all his Friends

Complex and varied are the myriad tales of the creature we call Death. Discover forthwith a collection of such tales - short stories and poems concerning both death and Death.


1. Update

I originally intended this to be a spinoff to accompany my story 'The Mask of Night', however as it is three years later and I am entirely uninspired by that idea and am officially abandoning it - I do however like the title.

Therefore, this will now be a collection of short stories (and maybe some short poems), centred around the Death both as a concept and a literal figure.

Any constructive criticism is welcomed and appreciated, as well as specific details/quotes that struck you.

I will leave the original chapter in, as the original idea for this story is what lead me to be interested in writing about death.

I hope you enjoy, and I hope that I will be able to keep to writing and uploading more regularly.


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