Légitimement Mariés [Harry Potter]

COMPLETED: Harry Potter Marriage Law. Fremione. Post Hogwarts. Fred may have survived the Battle of Hogwarts, but now he has a new challange - being married to Hermione!


2. Trouver un moyen de sortir

Finding a way out

"There has to be a way out of this!"

Hermione had been repeating these very words almost the entire evening, and with each recitation, her voice had grown exponentially more frantic and hysterical.

Through his innumerable connections at the Ministry (people who merely wanted to be seen having a conversation with 'The Boy Who Lived'), Harry had managed to procure a copy of the marriage act, shortly after the entire Wizarding population in the United Kingdom had been informed of it.

"The rules are made very clear Hermione. Every person between the ages of seventeen and forty-nine must marry and produce three magical children. Being a muggleborn, your condition is that you must marry someone who is of at least fifty percent magical heritage."

Hermione moaned in frustration.

"What if no one wants to marry me and the ministry pairs me up with some old pervert? What will I do? How could I live like that?"

"Relax Hermione. We'll find a way to make this work, for all of us. You're not the only one that has to find a spouse."

Hermione calmed down slightly after Ron reminded her of the fact that there were others in the room who were in the same predicament that she was.

"Right," said Arthur, after a long time of pouring over all the words on the parchment, "Until we can find a way out of this, we will have to pair up. The least that we can do is keep the couples within the order, or within our group of trusted people."

He pulled a blank piece of parchment from the stack of pages on the table in front of him. He wrote down a few names, reading them aloud as he went down the list.

"Ginny is already with Harry."

Hermione looked up just in time to see the couple look at each other, sappy expressions adorning their faces in the most sickening manner.

Percy piped up from his place opposite his father.

"I guess now would be the most opportune time to tell you that I am engaged to be married."

The twins turned to look at each other, identical, evil grins lighting up their faces.

"Ahhh, so is dear Penny joining the brethren that is our family?" said Fred with a tone of false joy.

"No," said Percy smugly.

"So it will be the darling Cornelius Fudge himself that will be joining us? Mind you, I do think he is a tad too old..." continued George with the most serious facial expression.

"Except you do need someone to be the 'fun parent'..." said Fred in an equally serious tone.

The surrounding family members snorted their laughter into their hands, while Percy changed to a rather unattractive shade of pink around the ears.

"Her name is Audrey Winterbourne. She was in the year below me, but was homeschooled," replied Percy in a stiff voice.

"Congratulations Percy! You should invite her for Sunday lunch this week, and let her meet the whole family," said Molly. Up until she had suggested this she had spent the entire time muttering under her breath about what her grandchildren would turn out to be, while Arthur was diligently ignoring the jibes of his children as he wrote down the names 'Percy' and 'Audrey'.

Arthur looked up to see a still chuckling Ron.

"Ron, you're next. Have you any news to share?"

This sobered Ron up immediately. He began twisting the corner of his shirt around his finger as he stammered out a response.

"Well...I suppose there is Luna. Luna Lovegood, that is. I'm willing to give it a crack, if she is"

The twins looked as though Christmas had come early for them, but any glee they felt was immediately squashed by one look from their mother.

"Luna is a lovely girl," she said in a firm tone that suggested no one was to argue the matter.

Molly Weasley had hardly come to terms with the recent events, however, she decided to do what she had done for the majority of her adult life, and that was to do the best with what she had.

"Charlie is exempt from the law, isn't he," continued Molly, peering over her husband's shoulder at the piece of paper that was seemingly deciding the fate of her children.

"Yes," replied Arthur, not sure whether to feel grateful for that small mercy, or whether he should feel angry that he should have to feel the first emotion.

"Just Fred, George and Hermione left," said Bill from his place next to his father.

"Aren't you still with Angie, George?" asked Hermione innocently.

"We were," replied George with a frown, "But I'm not sure about us. We could give it another shot, but I'll have to speak to Ange first."

Molly looked over at Hermione with an expectant, but kind expression across her face.

"Is there anyone you have in mind, Hermione, dear?"

Hermione shook her head.

"Fred?" Molly turned to her son with the same look that she had given Hermione.

"No, mum," said Fred glumly.

There was an awkward pause that begged to be filled, before Molly spoke with a sigh.

"Well, Hermione, is there anyone in your age group that is available?"

The group went through a list of names. Harry and Ron's scowls increased with every name that was suggested.


Nope. He's been with Hannah Abbott for ages."

"Zacharias Smith?"

"Not in a million years."

"Dean Thomas?"

A short pause was evident before Hermione spoke in a very small voice that suggested that she had lost almost all hope.

"Muggleborn. Kingsley said muggleborns are not allowed to marry other muggleborns."

Fred had heard this comment and his head immediately snapped up from where it had been resting in his hands. An inexplicable feeling of anger was coursing through his veins at the mere thought of Hermione with one of those gits.


Fred had not realised that he was so deep in thought. His mother had been trying to get his attention for at least the past minute.

"I said, do you have any potential girls that you could marry? Anyone that you went to school with? Worked with?"

Molly had winced at the word 'marry' as though even the quiet sound of it, from her own lips, was enough to cause physical pain.

Fred shook his head as he had before, only to hear the voice of his twin issuing from the other end of the kitchen.

"Yes, he does. There's always Hermione."

The pair looked up at one another in shock while Molly cried out, aghast.

"I didn't even know they were together!"

"We're not, Mrs Weasley," said Hermione quickly, coming out of her shocked stupor to look at George who was now smirking.

'Why is George smirking at me?' thought Hermione, while Fred shot his twin a look that screamed, 'you're going to pay for this later'.

Arthur looked between Hermione and Fred. Molly had her hands over her mouth, a look of sheer terror visible in her eyes, the only part of her face that was not covered with her hands. The other members of the Weasley clan had all leaned forward in their seats in anticipation.

"I...I..." Hermione stuttered, "I...don't know."

"It would solve a few problems," said Ginny ticking them off her fingers as she spoke, "You would be marrying someone that you know, that is in the order. We would also only need to have one wedding instead of two..."

She trailed off, awaiting Hermione's response.

Hermione on the other hand had completely ignored Ginny, and was boring into Fred's eyes with her own, desperately trying to gauge his reaction on the matter.

When all that she could gain was a lack of (open) hostility, she looked towards her future mother- and father-in-law and slowly nodded her head, ignoring the vehement protests from almost every fibre of her being.

After all, it was the only sensible way out.

She would be safe and secure. With the joke shop, Fred would be able to provide for her. Beneath his mocking exterior, she could see that he was just as loyal and caring as the other members of his family. He would be suitable, and she would be able to grow to care for him, if nothing else.

Hermione looked out of the corner of her eye, waiting with bated breath for Fred to show some kind of emotion.

He dipped his head forwards once, expression pensive, and Hermione let out the breath that she was holding. Despite herself, Hermione could not help but let out a sigh of relief.

While Arthur inked their names into the parchment, Molly immediately ran forward to hug her new daughter-in-law. She whispered words of comfort to the girl about what a wonderful husband her son would be, and what a beautiful wedding they would have.

Hermione, however, was only able to dimly register that Mrs Weasley was speaking to her at all. Her own brain was already rushing forward, past the wedding, to the kind of life that she would be forced to live at the cold-hearted hands of the Ministry of Magic.

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