Awake All Night

A story I thought up while trying to sleep.


1. Instead Of Counting Sheep


Instead of counting sheep,

I count the stars within your eyes.

I wish that I could sleep,

but those stars are way too bright.

It's all about you,

With or without you,

If it wasn't I'd be fine,

But the thing is,

Everything is,

And I've been awake all night.


"God, it feels so good to be home!" I exclaimed as myself and Jake head onto the beach, loud music greeting us as our bare feet hit the soft sand. It was starting to get dark and the sky was a mixture of pink and orange, it looked gorgeous, especially as it reflected onto the sea. Jake laughed at my comment and nodded at a brunette as greeted him while walking by. My eyes followed after her, she was gorgeous. Another gorgeous girl passed by and briefly greeted Jake, and another..and another. My eyebrows raised as I turned to face him. "In the two years I've been gone, you've sure got popular with the girls." I told him with a laugh. Jake shrugged but grinned.

"Well you know, who can resist this." Jake said cockily, referring to himself. I laughed loudly and glanced over towards the drinks table. I excused myself  and walked over, grabbing a bottle of coke. I had never really been into the whole 'getting drunk' thing, it wasn't really an attractive look on anyone. I decided to grab another bottle for Jake and then looked around, my eyes scanning everyone at the beach party as I searched for Jake. I finally caught sight of him sat on a log by the fire, right in the centre of the party, a brunette by his side. I managed to squeeze my way through all the people dancing and tapped Jake's shoulder as I stood by his side. Jake and the girl next to him looked up. The girl's mouth dropped a little as she saw me, I smiled at the girl and dropped Jake's drink into his laugh before taking the cap off of my drink and forcing Jake to make some room for me to sit down. "This is Perry, Perry Johnson" Jake introduced. I nodded, reaching my hand out to her.

"Hey, I'm --" I said. She grinned and took my hand and shook it.

"Cody Simpson." She finished for me. "Trust me, I know who you are. My sister is obsessed with you." She told me with a laugh. I chuckled and nodded before recoiling my hand and taking a sip of my drink, leaving her to continue her conversation with Jake. As they spoke together, I glanced around. My eyes scanning everyone at the party, trying to find a familiar face as Jake was quite obviously not going to be talking with me much tonight. I sighed and began to give up as I saw no familiar faces, that was until my eyes settled on a girl sat on a log near to the one I was sat on. My eyes widened, it was her.

The girl I had let pass me by two years ago. Her hair was long and a dirty blond colour, the glow from the fire causing her eyes to sparkle and an orange glow to appear on her face. In one hand, she clutched a bottle of diet coke and the other, she was resting her chin on as she gazed into the fire. She looked almost sad. I chewed my bottom lip as I watched her intently, debating whether to go over to her. I shook my head and glanced away, taking another sip of my coke, my hand unsteady with nerves just at the thought of talking to her. I couldn't go over to her, I wouldn't know what to say. I could hardly say 'Hey, about two years ago you went past me on your skateboard and I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since', I mean, how creepy would that be? I sighed and glanced back towards her, only to see her looking straight back at me., her blue eyes sparkling. Her eyes quickly snapped back ahead of her and she ran a hand nervously through her hair, pushing it back before quickly standing up and disappearing off into the crowd. I chewed my lip as I glanced to the log where she had been sat, once again I'd let her pass me by. The girl whose image was so firmly planted in my brain, the girl who was my inspiration for so many songs, I'd let her get away, again.

[Girl in the picture above is the mystery girl.]

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