Supernatural World

Harry's in trouble, supernatural trouble. Will he be able to sneak out of it?


1. Trouble starts

It was raining and to Harry it seemed that everything had ended. He was broke, his boss fired him, his wife left him and his kids hated him. He was walking down Oxford Street when he suddenly heard a voice behind him. He turned around but he didn't see anything. He looked down and there he saw a doll. He ws shocked and it suddenly started dancing, he was petrified and started running. The doll came running behind him. Finally he reached a corner he stopped there and looked behind him he didn't see anyone. He was puzzled he thought he was going mad over the divorce and everything. He went home.

The next day when we was going to his office to collect his things, he again saw the same doll he had seen yesterday on the street. He went near the doll and tried to pick it up but he just couldn't get hold of it. He tried several times but in vain. he found it weird and went on. But this incident kept running on his mind the whole time. He thought that it was just a realistic dream or maybe it was a prank. He tried to convince himself with all the sane reasons he could find, but inside his heart he had a feeling that it was something paranormal.

He immediately went home and tried to search in the internet about the incident or any related thing about it. He didn't find anything related to the incident but he found a site GHOSTFACERS. He checked out the site and he saw that it was a site where two boys helped people solve the mystery behind the paranornal activities taking place.

He was shocked to find that there was even a site based on paranormal activities. When he was a child he belived in Ghosts but his parents always told him that they are not real. But that day he understood that there is a very big possibiltity that Ghosts do exist, He searched the address of the people of Ghostfacers. he found that they lived on the other side of town, but it didn't bother him because he wanted to find out the real meaning behind this incident and he also didn't have anything to lose.

the next day he went to visit their home the very first thing in the morning. Though it was hard for him to find the house it was worth for him. Finally he found the house. The house was kind of very old and had a look of a haunted house. Harry at first thought of chickening out and going back home and going back to his normal problem filled life but he thought that he had nothing to go back home to so he finally took up his courage and went inside the house.

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