Daddy! Don't leave me



2. Struggling

I grab hold of my covers and bury my head, the tears still break out. Why did he not tell me sooner? How long has he known? Am I too late? I close my eyes, hoping to never wake up. I wish I could live in my dreams instead of being trapped in reality.

I unfortunately wake up. The birds chirping outside my window, the blinds pulled back and a cup of tea waiting on my desk. Was yesterday just a dream? I crawl out of bed and pull my sleeping gown over my slim body, making my way towards the tea on my desk. It's still warm, I pick it up and sip some of it up before placing it back on the desk. Music is heard from downstairs, but not my fathers usual music. I head on down to see him curled up in a ball on the sofa. My eyes suddenly widen as I rush down to aid him. "Dad! Dad, are you alright?!" I panic, shaking his frail body. All I get in reply is a faint cough. My heart rate rises, I grab hold of the phone and dial '999'.

"Hello?" My words speed up until I'm unable to think straight.
"Hello? May I be of any help?" I hear a reply down the phone.
"I need the ambulance, my father wont wake! Please, come quick" The lady down the phone then asks for my address and details, I give them her without thinking. "We'll be with you as soon as possible" They hang up.

"W-What are you doing, dear?" I hear from behind me, my fathers eyes open as I continues to violently cough. "Daddy! I've called the ambulance, I know what's best for you." I walk towards where he lies and wrap my arms around him, crying into his shoulder. "I'm fine" He lies. I take his hand and look into his eyes, shaking my head. "You don't have to defend yourself, Daddy, I know you're not fine" He coughs violently as tears roll down his cheek. Bright lights start flashing through the window, a knock on the door. I get to my feet and run to the door, unlocking it as quickly as I can. I finally open it, and with the blink of an eye my father is lifted onto a stretcher and carried out into the ambulance. I lock the door behind myself and follow them. "Is he going to be alright, doctors?" I blurt out, taking hold of his hand as I climb into the back of the vehicle. "We're not sure yet" They reply, injecting my father with medicines. I stay at his side at all times, my hand still in his. 

"Don't doubt yourself, you'll get through this" That is the only wrong thing about this all, If we have no hope, then he may not live. Hope is stronger than any power. I close my eyes and pray to God.

"And I pray to God, he hears you"

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