Dark (Liam Payne Fanfic)

Becca Morris is an eighteen year old girl. She miss goody two shoes. She makes good grades, always follows the rules, and has a perfect life. But that might change. Liam Payne marked her. She couldn't see anybody but her friends and Liam. But why happens is she breaks all the rules? And also get on Liam's soft side.


1. Chapter One

Dark: Chapter One





My friends and I were going to a new club in town. It was called Ecstatic. I'm not really a party person. I'm the good girl with the good grades. I'm the goody two shoes in my group. I don't care if I was.

"Becca, are you coming?" Layla said.

"Yeah. Just lost in thought."

We walk into the club and the smell of smoke and alcohol hit me. The bass from the music was underneath my feet. People were grinding on each other. Layla, Kelsey, and I were going through the sweaty bodies of the people on the dance floor. We made it to the bar and we ordered us vodka and sprite.

Their was a boy looking at me. He had tattoos and piercings and his brown hair was in a quiff. He wore a black shirt and you could see his muscles and blue jeans. He looked at me and winked. I blushed a little and looked away. The girls and I headed off to the dance floor. We were dancing with each other.

When we were dancing, somebody grabbed my waist. It was that boy. He smiled down at me. He put his hands on my waist and he started grinding against me. He started to kiss my neck and I tried to get away. I couldn't get away though. His grip was too tight. I let out a moan. I didn't like this I didn't like it at all.

"What's your name, babe?" He asked.


"That's a beautiful name. For beautiful girl." He said. "My name is Liam."

He kept kissing my neck. He found my sweet spot and started to suck my neck hard. I moaned loudly.

"I see you like that. I marked you. That means you're mine. No else can have you." He said in my ear.

He took my phone out of my jean pocket and texted himself. Now he has my number.

"I'll see you later, baby."

He kissed my cheek and walked away. I went back up to my friends and thy saw me.

"Becca, what's on your neck?" Kelsey asked.

"Who gave you that?" Layla said.

"No one. I got hit in the neck." I lied.

I looked back and saw Liam looking at me with a grin. He mouthed the words.

"You're mine now."







This is my new fanfic. I hope you like it.



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