It Started With A Whisper (One Direction)

What happens when Ryder has to move to a new place and new school.

She has many obstacles in her way. What happens when she has to go to a new school and all 5 of the hottest, bad ass boys fall for her? What happens when they find out her secrets? Who will she pick?

Continue Reading :3 ( This story is originally on my Wattpad account @Louis_Tomliinson :) so i felt like putting it on movellas )


1. Prologue




I was on my way this new school in London on my Magpul Ronin ( A/N my dream motorcycle on and i added the picture of the motorcycle) when I hit a stop light I see 5 guys starting at my motorcycle. I smirk but the can't see me cuz I'm wearing my helmet.


Once the light turns green I rush to the nearest Starbucks. It may be my first day at this new but I don't care I've been expelled from 4 different high schools. This new school I'm going to starts at 8:15. It's 8 right now. I should probably go to school already. Naw it can wait. So I wait until 8:10 to leave.


Once I get to school I park my motorcycle and before I took off my helmet I turn around to see everybody looking at me. I also see the 5 guys I saw earlier ... who knew they go to this school. So once I take of my helmet I see all the guys looking me up and down and all the girls send me a glare. I grab my black jansport backpack ( yup like a boss all the girls may have purses but I don't >:D). Once I get my backpack I go to the office to get my schedule I see everyone's starting at me I smirk and continue walking until the schools slut I just smirk and stand in front of her.


"Look what we have here the new slut!" She smirked and laughed.


Instead of talking I punched her straight in the jaw and she fell to the ground and everyone gasped. I was gonna continue walking when she grabbed my leg and tripped my everyone stayed quite I got on top of her ( Not the dirty way ;) ) and started punching her and she was screaming and crying. I continued punching her and my leather jacket was full of blood until someone pulled me off of her. He had Brown eyes and I was about to tell him off when I see the principal walking over.


"First day and already caused a fight Miss.Martinez my office now!" he said.


"Its Ryder you bitch!" I mumbled the last part.


"Ryder Martinez my office NOW!" He yelled at me and I hear the 5 boys from earlier gasp. I supposed they know what I do. All 5 of them are shocked they might have thought I was a boy xD. I smirked as I walked slowly to his office.



:O what do you think she does and how do you like her attitude so far?  

Haha and its me Ryder :3 


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