The Red Lands

A story set in Egypt about a man, separated from his team, out in search of a long lost fortune. I draw inspiration from all kinds of books, so you may come across themes and ideas from other stories. I like to mix things and turn them into my own. Enjoy.


1. Prologue: Fadil's Tale

          1153 B.C.

           Long ago in Ancient Egypt there was a fearsome warrior named Fadil, a conqueror who would let nothing stand in his way. He was merciless to those who betrayed him, but honourable to those who stood by his side. During his time in Egypt, he had accumulated a vast wealth, chests of gold filled his temple and statues were erected in his honour. He won many battles against colonies overseas, which led to an expansion in his already substantial reign.

           He lived a pressured life, with the world expected of him from his parents. He was given a sword at the age of five, and was taught strategies on how to win battles ever since he could remember. When he was successful in his rule, he married and had a child. To his disappointment it was a girl, a girl that could not take his throne.

           His dominance was becoming too extreme. He murdered his wife simply for giving birth to a girl. He raised the daughter Sagira however, he was to attached to her. She was raised thinking her mother had died at birth. Ever since the death of Fadil's wife, he had gone insane: performing executions for no apparent reason; pillaging innocent villages, women and children...

           He began to strike terror into the people's hearts, and this is when a mutiny began to appear. They seemed harmless when put beside the horde that Fadil controlled, but little did he know, that his chief bodyguard, Asim, was their leader. Asim murdered Fadil on a cold and blustery night, and presumed he would take the throne. But Fadil’s rule was so great, that a stray from the path of righteous murder was not enough to convert all his men to mutiny. Two sides quickly formed, men rebelled against the mutineers and tried to avenge their leader, while others fought against the late Fadil's men. A huge battle took place on the outskirts of Aswan and many lives were lost. The conflict raged for days with no clear winner insight. Eventually, tiredness, hunger, and age caught up on both sides and the fight ended with a stalemate. After this struggle, the people of Egypt lived on without a pharaoh for many years, going about their everyday lives as normal without conflict or rule.

           Now Fadil’s beautiful daughter looked up to her father in everyway, for in her eyes, he had done nothing wrong, and she was oblivious to his murderous attitude. Upon the death of Fadil, Asim offered her his hand in marriage. But as you can imagine, the gorgeous Sagira was distinctly against this proposal, and as a result, she fled the lands. However there was one last thing she did before departing. The Pharaoh’s seal was the object which held not only the greatest monetary value, but also sentimental. This seal was the mark of one of the greatest leaders who had ever lived. It is said that on the night of her departure, Sagira managed to evade the guards and obtain the Pharaoh’s seal. She hid it in the pocket of Fadil’s clothing as he lay in his coffin, in preparation to be buried out in the barren lands. The seal has remained there ever since and still holds an astonishing value.

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