The Reason I Go On

Selena Gomez has been dragged around by her managers forever. Listening to every crazy thing they want her to do. One day she can't stand it. She breaks down and falls. Luckily, into someones arms.


1. Chapter 1 'Selena' "The Surprise"

"Bye Babe!" Justin said as I shut the car door and flounced away. Hey! Yeah I'm Selena. You know. That girl everyone loves because she is a good girl and worlds best role model. Welcome to my life. Who's in charge of it? My managers, that's who. I have to do what they say. I'm on this good girl act, but sometimes I just want to he me. I can't even say something mean as a joke. My managers set ne up with Justin, so people could see me making a good impression on someone. That's me.... Anyways back to reality. I opened the door to Star Records. Where I became famous. The smell of roses hit my nose and I folled it to the front desk. "Hi Cindy. Tell George and Mrs. Fabes I'm here." She nodded and clicked a button on her desk. I took the elevator to the sixth floor and found myself waiting next to Cher Loyd. "Hello Selena." She said. "Hi cher!" I said, smiling. I got to my floor and was waved off by Cher. 


I nocked on my Managers room and her assistant George opened the door. I was greeted my my stylists, my makeup artists, my hair people, and my manager Mrs. Fabes. She pointed to a chair. "Sit." She demanded. I sat down, nervously and watched as all my workers rushed around. "Whats going on?" I asked a stylist who was busy plucking my eyebrows. Her thin lips curved into a smile. "Oh, we're just going for a different look..." 


Hi! Ariana here! Shelley and I are writing this book! So enjoy!!:)

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