Blood Lust - Sequel

* You should read the first book to understand this one =) * So there are the same characters as before, but they all have girlfriends now. ( Don't worry, I'll post everyone in the first chapter ). Harry and Casey are is in love as ever before, but what happens when an ex-girlfriend comes back into the picture ? Will it tear Harry and Casey apart, or make their love stronger ? It's your choice.


1. No ?

Casey's P.O.V.

           " Casey Marie, will you marry me ? " Harry asked with tears in his eyes. I cried and said, " No. " It was dead silent. Harry's face was priceless ! " No ? " I looked at him and grinned still crying. " HAROLD EDWARD STYLES, DO YOU REALLY THINK I'D SAY NO ?! I LOVE YOU TO DEATH YOU BEAUTIFUL CREATURE ! " He grinned and cried lol. He picked me up and spun me around. I adored the ring he got me. It was absolutely gorgeous.

( This is the ring Harry got Casey ^_^ )


          Sorry it's so short, I'm really tired and have to think of what's gonna happen next lol

Love you.    ~ Casey .xx

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